Delicious Leo New Moon to turn us on , exact 12.41pm Aug 19th, AEST. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Leo we are tuned into our warmest, most authentic feelings and life affirming instincts to live with beautiful, brazen confidence. This really is a blast of positive, growling, spunky lust for life -I mean especially with this bitch of a year we're dealing with, yay about time! Especially in aspect to Mars/Lilith in Aries, for the bravado we need to live large & follow our dreams fearlessly, and also on top of clever Mercury to keep us organised, details oriented & savvy about our next move. It's such a brilliant combo to manifest what we want in life, because we be


Venus in Cancer from August 8th-Sept 7th this year. I was was doing detailed love/relating/creativity/money posts for Venus in each sign for a while there; but don't have time right now, and frankly in a bimbonic mood due to dystopia fatigue etc, so I thought I would do trashy dating posts instead lol. So if Cancer Venus had a dating profile? Sentimental & romantic. Into photography, nostalgia, quality jewellery that holds it's value, vintage fashion & low key lush, comfy interior design. Definitely a homebody who prefers domestic bliss with someone special. Loves cosy evenings in front of the fire & sweet talk to do with long term commitment. Looking for a stylish, considerate date who know


Sexy warrior god Mars & sexy bitch goddess Lilith are quite the match for one another-and they're hooking up in hothead Aries this week, for one heck of a fiery mating season moment! And with love goddess Venus on the Destiny Point the feels are even more romantically intense, resonant & potentially promising than ever.... Could look like this... Or this... or maybe this Good luck with the mating/dating/love life out there folks; it's a beautiful week to love like we mean it -if we can avoid bonkers conflict and handle the power & the passion intensity! x


So here is the Full Moon, coming at us exact 1.48am August 4th, AEST. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings and Instincts we've been dealing with all month; and in Aquarius we do tend to trip out in emotional overwhelm, as we try to analyse & make logical sense of our wildly fluctuating moods. Because the thing about this Moon is Aqua ruler Uranus all over it, with his sparkly, unpredictable vibe more genius-yet volatile than ever, in his favourite, brilliant home turf of Aquarius. So on one hand we are more likely to be turned on by a wonderful, visionary new take on life in sync with our most intelligent instincts: Maybe an exquisitely sensitivity to the subtle cues going