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So the Full Moon of the 2nd, with nurturing mama Ceres is all about the connection between your emotional and financial security. As in doing something you actually care about for a living fills your cup rather than energetically draining, obviously, the better to keep it up long term. And of course earning good coin sustains you, the better to live on your own sweet terms…

Also because your financial instincts are just so bang on with this Moon. I mean we live in weird times, and especially with your maverick ruler involved you are more onto it than ever in terms of adapting to changing economic circumstances with alacrity. You get that it’s time to seize cool new opportunities to thrive, and support the personal life you want to live –even in the midst of chaos.

Meanwhile Mars/Lilith are firing up the brain synapses, in your 3rd house of brilliant ideas for the rest of the year. I mean as the most cerebrally switched on sign, with electrifying genius that never stops -gah its exhausting being you with that busy monkey mind! But also you adore the buzz of constant inspiration & independent thinking, to keep you one step ahead of the mass consensus right?

The point being that Mars hyper stimulating your thought process could be scatty, irritating mental overwhelm; so the more you ditch extraneous, naff distractions the better you can focus your formidable attention on stuff that really matters & nail it. Because bitch Lilith is fully firing up the courage of your most important convictions, and your take no shizz, self-assured attitude is ideally so beautifully empowered right now, know what I mean?

Also lucky Jupiter direct in your soul sector mid month is a lovely rush of fresh optimism, from deep down in your soul. On a level beyond rational thought you just know its all going to be ok, and follow your most positive instincts accordingly –yes this just a prelude of the wonderful, expansive vibe of Jupiter in Aqua in 2021, something to look forward to for sure!

Then the New Moon of the 17th in your sex/intimacy sector is in sync with lucky Jupiter, dreamy Neptune & the Destiny Point in your romance sector. Also love goddess Venus in your partnership sector sparking up love chemistry with your ruler Uranus in your domestic bliss sector going on. So yeah the second half of the month is kind of Aqua mating season, inviting you to unleash your most powerful passions and love like you mean it –to the extent you are more likely to have a special someone to adore right now. Bless.

Image: Arthur Belebeau for Nylon magazine

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