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Hello Gemini earning season! I mean we have to talk about the Full Moon of the 2nd in your biz sector as follows:

The Full Moon on magical Neptune highlights not only your creative instincts & most inspired vocational calling, but also your most persuasive, glamorous professional charisma. I mean you are a clever chameleon at the best of times, so you know how to insinuate yourself into any scenario, work it to your advantage & shine…

And Venus in your income sector triggers Saturn in your 8th house of biz & shared resources. So you can finesse the discipline required to hustle good coin/biz opportunities by working your best talent, and also charming the right people at the right time. Especially with lucky Jupiter ready turn direct mid month, joining lucrative Pluto & Saturn in the 8th, your money/abundance mojo is awesome right now!

Especially Venus syncing the Destiny Point in your sign, you have some fairly coherent life plans that feel so right, so the sheer power of conscious, clear intention is so ready to manifest as real, tangible success to fund and live the life you want to live. Go you, its time to thrive if you actually believe in the choices you are making right now, know what I mean?

Meanwhile Mars in your social sector for the rest of the year is reminding you just how much you adore the stimulation of being out & about, connecting with your tribe. You’re not one to hide out in reticent, hermit mode you want to get amongst the frisson of group dynamics & collective dialogue. Especially with bitch Lilith you have plenty of clear, individualistic opinions about stuff, you don’t care who knows it & you love a good old chin wag to share interesting ideas –extra specially with charming, gregarious Venus in your comms sector from the 7th.

And of course this imperative for human connection could be frustrating depending on lockdown etc wherever you are right now, so I guess lucky we have online/social media etc which at least keeps some kind of dialogue going. And what with the tectonic passion of lucky Jupiter, volcanic Pluto & Mr commitment Saturn in your 8th –which is also sexy/intimacy sector; you have plenty of hot, volatile connection going on in your love life, to keep you busy right?

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