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The Full Moon of the 2nd in your fun sector is a lovely, playful attitude to begin the month. Permission to do stuff you enjoy, including arty, authentic self-expression, exciting romance & quality time with loved ones just because it feels good to be alive! Yes despite the dystopian background cramping our style, you get there’s still time to smell the roses & embrace the precious joy of each moment huh?

Also the fun sector inspires your brilliant talent –with fab confidence & clear instincts to nurture your creative process, and get on with doing whatever you’re really good at in the world. Especially with Venus in your biz sector from the 7th -showing off with shameless self-promotion/polishing your brand/professional charm & good looks are so likely to work like a charm, because you know you’ve got the goods to back yourself up…

And this is important, because we also have to talk about Mars in your healthy, wealthy & wise work sector for the rest of the year! This is massively motivating -if you have a plan & know what to do about it, you have such sheer physical energy & positive ambition for the fierce work ethic you need to get ahead professionally.

And Mars says a hard-core workout regime, if possible, could be just the thing right now. I dare you to up your fitness game –you are so much more likely to genuinely enjoy sweating it out of a morning; again just because it feels so good to feel vitally alive - and the better to seize the day with optimum, effective clarity on the job.

Also Mars in sync with bitch Lilith all Sept, in sync with the Destiny Point in your biz/finance sector pretty much slays any power trips certain people are trying on. I mean you’re no fool at the best of times, and now more than ever you hold your ground; to deal with workplace politics with that savvy, empowered spunk you do so well. Yes you are ready to thrive, because you are coming from a place of such integrity –go you!

Meanwhile Uranus sparks up your love sector, with fireworks that are not necessarily about secure/complacent relating as such, but whatever -as a Scorp you love the wild passion! And by the 29th the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector pulls together Venus/Mars magic, which could be worth paying attention to?

Image: Eve Herzigova for Rankin

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