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So Mars hiding out in your soul sector for the rest of the year is vibing kind of introspective. As in you get that withdrawing your energy a bit from the chaos of the world, and re-charging your batteries with the healing, regenerative self-care of Chiron is how to get in touch with your true vitality & power right now. Especially with Mars retro from mid September on bitch Lilith, you are quite happy to do your own thing with spunky authenticity, commune with your muse & enjoy feeling comfortable in your own skin regardless of external expectations…

But then again you also have the Full Moon of the 2nd in your social sector, with Neptune to inspire your social charisma and syncing Uranus in your sign keen to connect with sparkly, like-minded tribe. Which could be so beautiful to shine your light amongst people who get you; but also draining if you’re tempted to lose yourself amongst the vagaries of the scene/party time etc just when you’re trying to keep your inner focus clear, know what I mean?

Also because Venus lushing up your domestic sector from the 6th is permission to do cosy nesting at home; and lets face it you adore bonding with your couch, shacked up lover, the contents of your fridge lol –whatever delicious pleasures you can find snuggling up in your comfy sanctuary. Which is lucky if you happen to be dealing with lockdown etc, I guess. And also it must be said that working from home, or brewing some fab creative project in your own time could be quite productive, and professionally advantageous right now.

Especially by the New Moon of the 17th you have a great handle on your best talent, and the confidence to broadcast your creative brilliance in the world. Also you’re not necessarily trying to prove anything here -playful self-expression just for fun, quality time with loved ones & filling your cup doing anything you love is wonderfully life affirming mid month.

Including playful romance of course, if you’re in love or crushing on someone special, the Destiny Point brings some lovely, sparkly dialogue to flirt it up!

Image: Diana Ross

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