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So Pluto/Saturn in your sign have been cleaning up your act for a while now; stripping back any excuses to reveal your most ferocious lean, mean determination to phoenix through your various issues & come out shining. I mean for many signs this would be quite gruelling, but do admit you love it…

I mean what with taskmaster Saturn being your ruler the discipline required to do transformative self-mastery is your natural thing! I suspect you are even turned on by your greatest challenges (whatever they are) right now; as you come to terms with your most powerful, gritty capacity to walk your talk with full integrity right?

But funnily enough, it might be more of a stretch to embrace the most positive aspect of this –lucky Jupiter turning direct on Saturn/Pluto from the 17th, to make it all feel so much easier for the rest of the year. Because as much as you are comfortable with hard yakka personal growth; you don’t always allow yourself the sweet, expansive trust in universal flow that Jupiter is inviting you to enjoy right now. Maybe time to realize you don’t have to do all the work all of the time, and your natural brilliance is enough just because you deserve to thrive –know what I mean?

Especially the Full Moon of the 2nd in your ideas/comms sector, with nurturing Ceres & inspirational Neptune to cultivate your best, most positive affirmations. It really is magical manifesting time -whatever wonderful intentions/genuine self expression you are putting out there right now are so much more likely to come back at you, to create the lovely reality you desire.

And we also have to talk about the bitching authenticity of Mars/Lilith in your home sector for the rest of the year. This could be interesting in terms of flushing out any seething power trips or combative drama going on with your family/domestic dynamics; and of course the more stuff is out in the open the better you can deal with it. Because with the healer Chiron involved this is a lovely time to explore the raw feelings coming up, with the courage to connect more honestly…

And yes this includes the Cap love life. Sexy Mars square Venus into your intimacy sector says you are doing passionate/deep, maybe even shacked up passion that really means something -not so much fluffy flirt right?

Image: Liya Kebede by Alexei Hay for Elle Italia

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