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The Full Moon of the 2nd is a lovely way to begin the month, on the most inspired note possible! As in this Moon is perfectly placed between your magical ruler Neptune -where you are feeling more cosmically attuned to your sense of purpose than ever & ready to chase your dreams, and mama Ceres -where intelligent self-care & optimum physical wellbeing is how you actually thrive & make stuff happen.

So yes a great time for a health kick, but not necessarily pushing yourself with gruelling workout regimes/extreme diets or anything; it’s more nourishing food/natural supplements/therapeutic bodywork etc to gently replenish your vitality. And most of all an emotionally healthy, nurturing relationship with self –beautiful, unconditional, inner self-acceptance is the best way to light up your stunning charisma right now, and shine your light in the world!

Which also sets you up nicely for the romantic vibes of the New Moon of the 17th, in your love/partnership sector. Because especially to the extent you are looking after yourself right now; you have a gorgeous, fresh perspective on the people you care about, what their needs are and how to mutually support one another as best as possible. Especially in sync with the Destiny Point in your domestic sector –which is extra stimulated by Venus/Mars romance action by the end of the month, bonding with your spouse/shacked up lover or cosy dates at home could be so sweet!

And any co-hab relationships/your family dynamic generally also benefit from the domestic harmony going on here, which is nice.

Meanwhile Mars in your earning sector, for the rest of the year is fully stimulating your lust to leverage whatever you already do for a living, for maximum financial benefit. Because with Lilith involved it’s not so much money just for the sake of it; more the sense of freedom & wellbeing that an autonomous income lends you, to live life on your own bitching raw, authentic terms. I think you might be ready for this!

Image: Ariana Grande

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