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So the New Moon of the 2nd in your 8th house of sex, intimacy & financial interdependence has you so aware of the deeper feelings & subtle dynamics going on in your closest entanglements.

Because with spooky Neptune & caring Ceres involved it’s a fine line between the most magical, inspired, destinal soulmating true love or bonkers romantic fantasy/weird misunderstandings/delusional crushes etc. I mean as much as you are dealing with the extremes of super beautiful connection vs toxic fuqery, where you would think the choices are clear; still the lines are blurred with slippery Neptune. So good luck making definitive relational decisions right now lol, but luckily your emotional intelligence is so fine-tuned you can handle the ambivalence for what it is right?

And same goes for biz & finance. You could be looking at super promising creative projects/flexible scenarios sharing beautiful, unconditional support with the right people –especially syncing sparky Uranus in your biz sector for brilliant, dynamic vocational ideas that could be positively game changing! But also don’t want to be suckered into hare brained schemes or sleazy types trying to rip you off; because again Neptune can be tricky to deal with here, so you want to stay sharp & watch that huh?

But I have full confidence in your powers of discernment, especially with by the New Moon of the 17th in your income sector perfectly aligning pragmatic Saturn in your day job/work sector. Because also lucky Jupiter direct on lucrative, empowered Pluto supporting Saturn -you are totally ready for next level success doing whatever you do in the world…

I mean it’s all about harnessing Saturn discipline, and Pluto does require gutsy determination to transform your work paradigm more dramatically than usual. So it’s not exactly a free ride, but I think you are up for fabulous re-invention with that expansive Jupiter confidence to rock your full potential right?

Because meanwhile Venus in your sign from the 7th lushes up your gorgeous charisma, glamour, good looks, romantic charm, talent and creative self expression for the month; the better to nail the love & professional action as above. And also you adore the life affirming fact of getting your delicious, rawring spunk on & show the fuq off just because you can -ha you are a magnificent, proud Leo after all.

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