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So the Full Moon of the 2nd would normally such a beautiful wanderlust; to go forth and seek adventure in far-flung locales, or at least somewhere sufficiently outside the usual comfort zone to stimulate your emotional growth. Gah, but of course with the state of the world & limited travel choices you could be a slightly frustrated crab right now?

So whether you fly under the radar, with slippery Neptune to seek whatever movement is available given the circumstances, or find intellectual oxygen online/your own philosophical curiosity to explore expansive new ideas from the comfort of wherever you are? Your adaptive/flexible take on personal growth is kind of your superpower right now, know what I mean?

Especially with the New Moon of the 17th, Neptune has you tuning into a truly visionary sense of your potential in the world if you walk your talk on the courage of your convictions –otherwise known as living with that authentic, emotional congruence you do so well…

Speaking of which, you want to be keeping it real in your love life right now. I mean with lucky Jupiter direct in your partnership sector from the 17th, preparing to awaken passionate, volcanically sexy Pluto & commitment orientated Saturn for the rest of the year-you are attracting some significant, potentially game-changing, magnetic love action for the next few months1

It’s either on for real or its not, basically. And that powerful emotional intelligence of yours is so on point; to deal with any tectonic shifts & passionate feelings coming up in your key relationship dynamics. Yes your romantic courage is pretty awesome here, to navigate wherever it’s all going… well done you spunky love machine you!

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