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GypsyQueenTarot is your source for sensational psychic/tarot/astrological readings, astrology updates, magical insights and fabulous horoscopes for every sign. And now a fab Tarot App, for instant, mini tarot readings at your fingertips! 

Alberta Richards is the GypsyQueen; a psychic, tarot reader and astrologer with over 20 years of full time, professional experience. Born with a natural clairvoyant gift, a deep understanding of the ancient wisdom of the tarot and the mystical soul of an old-school gypsy fortune teller.

Alberta approaches her readings with the utmost integrity and authenticity. A gifted clairvoyant; she is comfortable channeling accurate, precise predictions about your future but is also very clear about letting you know when a question can't be concretely resolved at that time. Alberta is always completely honest about the answers she is receiving for your questions and with compassion, sensitivity and useful guidance about how to maximise the opportunities that life is offering you.


She is brilliant at helping you to understand the interplay between your Destiny and the Free Will with which you handle it. Alberta answers questions about any aspect of life, and also specialises in romantic issues-including the timing and destiny involved in meeting that special someone...

Alberta's clients consistently report remarkable accuracy in her readings, as well as  feeling completely safe in discussing their experiences and asking any questions which may be on their mind. Her readings are  caring, professional, insightful and geared toward clear, positive guidance.

Alberta lives in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia. She offers in-person consultations  in  Byron Bay, and phone/skype/video call sessions are also available from wherever you are in the world.

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