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So we have to talk about the thrilling life force that is your sexy ruler Mars firing up your sign for the rest of the year! And especially in sync with Bitch Lilith this month, that sheer physical vitality, ferociously positive attitude & aggressive individuality that you are famous for is driving you like an actual force of nature right now. I mean you are looking the dystopian vibe of 2020 square in the eye, and saying fuq it I’m going to keep my brilliant game on point, thrive on my own terms and blitz it anyway -omg you love this!!

So you don’t even mind the introspective Full Moon of the 2nd in your soul sector, with the healer Chiron in your sign revealing any tangled self-doubt that might normally get lost amongst the bravado. Because with nurturing Ceres involved you get that facing your issues with gentle self-care, and unconditional acceptance of who you are in your beautiful, flawed human authenticity is where your true power lies right now. You don’t have to be perfect to shine in the world –just the courage to be the best version of your true self, know what I mean?

Also you have the spectacular momentum of lucky Jupiter direct from the 12th in your biz sector, on Pluto/Saturn to push your most awesome, brazen ambition to next level professional success. It feels like you have some kind of spunky plan to get ahead this year, with the gutsy work ethic & determination to make it happen. Omg so time to go for it, did I mention you are an unstoppable success machine this year??

Especially by the New Moon of the 17th in your day job sector, in sync with the Destiny Point in your clever ideas sector. I mean even Mars retrograde mid month doesn’t slow you down, so much as finesse the process. You take the time to get strategic, leverage an efficient work ethic & savvy networking with the right people; rather than just charge ahead blindly. It’s a great chance to work smart, not hard and look forward to the rewards of this when Mars moves forward from November.

Meanwhile Mars/Lilith have your sexy, passionate charisma through the roof, to fire up the Aries love life. So the people who get you are wildly attracted- so more likely to bond with a lover who is actually a true equal & can hold their own, which completely turns you on of course. And anyone remotely intimidated by your fierce, bristly individuality are more likely to run a mile, but honestly you don’t have time for lukewarm relating anyway right?

Image: Lucia Jonova by Anja Frers for Quality Magazine

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