January 23, 2020

It's sparkly Aquarius season, to lift the vibe of all that heavy shadow work we've been doing with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn lately -and how nice is an Aqua New Moon (exact 7.21am Jan 25th, AEDT) to freshen us up...

Because to the extent we've been burning any stodgy old Saturnian expectations & attachments in the flame of Pluto transformation, we're standing naked, raw & ready to embrace a clean, clear new way of doing things. I mean what other choice do we have? 

Especially sparking off Aqua ruler Uranus in a tense square aspect, the imperative to rut-bust our lives is real. We're either deliberately chasing liberating new life choices, because it feels so good to get over ourselves & be free for...

January 17, 2020

So this rare, explosive Pluto/Saturn conjunction I've been talking about so much recently is peaking this week... and gah the shizz does seem to be hitting the fan! 

Yes we are ideally coming to terms with grace under pressure & phoenixing into next level, transformative empowerment in full integrity (sans skanky power trips please) no matter what-good, lets keep that in mind. 

Because meanwhile I'm in the mood for a bitch. There are certain people & scenarios I would like to rip the fuqing throat out of in pure frustration right now... in biz, the world & even a few triggers in my personal life, I mean is everyone fuqing serious or what??? 

Omg lucky I have astrology to remind me how volatile this energy...

January 10, 2020

Here comes a Lunar Eclipse-exact 5.21am Jan 11th AEDT, to kick off 2020 with a bang.

So we know that Full Moons always bring up whatever feelings have been brewing all month; and especially in Cancer we're extra sensitive to our tidal emotions, and extra especially an Eclipse amplifies the transformative power of remaining fully emotionally congruent & authentic about whatever is coming up for maximum emotional intelligence, and extra extra especially opposite the volcanic Pluto/Saturn conjunction this is a profound reality check to bring us into line with our deepest, primal needs & desires ready or not! 

Oh my, could it get more real right now???

I have spoken a lot about Pluto/Saturn recently (see previous posts...

January 5, 2020

So the Saturn/Pluto conjunction throbbing away in the background is a certain barometric pressure in the collective atmosphere, right? 

We have the internal combustion of a rising imperative for gutsy personal growth coming up from deep within ourselves- we're ready for fierce, transformative coming to terms with our own potency & manifesting potential in the world, But yeah we have to face a few demons along the way, toughen the fuq up, ditch some dearly held expectations/ notions of security etc if we want to phoenix through this thing and rise up singing on the other side. Especially with Uranus in Taurus smashing up our material structures, the better to create fresh, innovative, liberating new ways of doing things.

And gah, some...

January 1, 2020

So Happy New Year folks, the new decade is upon us & it looks like a wild ride, ready or not:

The signature astro of this new chapter is Pluto/Saturn digging up the foundations beneath us -unearthing all kinds of skanky shizz we're ready to detox & be rid of. Which ok is pretty confronting, but what a relief to purge and move on with fierce, transformative, rigorous determination to thrive...

Also Uranus in Taurus says good luck with any defunct structures or security issues we've been hanging onto thus far -lol they;re falling apart as we speak, aint gonna happen. Which is so liberating, to think outside the square & necessarily embrace radical new ways of doing things.

Because the raw, primal, regenerative, energy bei...

December 26, 2019

So happy Christmas/Solstice/Festive Season everyone, I hope we are all having a lovely time sharing it with loved ones near & far, or however we choose to celebrate x

And what better than a sharp, positively charged New Moon in Capricorn (exact 3.13pm Dec 26th, AEDT) on top of lucky Jupiter & syncing with the Destiny Point & sparky Uranus; to find a moment of clarity amongst the Saturnalia madness & start to compose some sweet, conscious intentions for the 2020 New Year/New Decade coming up? 

I mean New Moons are always a clean, fresh perspective -and especially given the sheer power of this magical manifesting astro and the symbolic significance of this new Decade unfolding; the choices we make & the qual...

December 19, 2019

So this Pluto/Saturn conjunction throbbing away ever more insistently in the background is a bit of a bitch. 

I mean it’s the most spectacular opportunity for deep, empowering personal growth, facing our demons courageously & phoenixing out the other side all shiny & new -so yeah its worth getting gritty & owning the process.

But meanwhile WTF, some of the crap we’ve been dealing with lately has been pretty hardcore right?

So thank goodness for the Jupiter/Uranus trine in the last few days to lift the vibe to more positive settings, remember it’s all gonna be ok if we keep it high end -and the importance of making time for good old life-affirming fun amongst it all. 

Is there something wonderful going on this week we can b...

December 12, 2019

Gemini Full Moon is on, exact 3.12pm Dec 12th, AEDT. 

And this one comes with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction throbbing in the background, calling us to face and conquer our personal demons-which is great & so empowering. But also we want to watch a tendency for black & white, literal thinking about notions of right & wrong in our lives; under such intense pressure to do gritty personal transformation right now...

Yes we're under the pump to dig deep, and we find our treasures of personal transformation in dark, challenging places-so ferocious shadow work is our thing. But taking ourselves too seriously or re-attaching to gnarly old issues just because we're finally dealing with them not so much, obviously. 


December 3, 2019

Jupiter in Capricorn today -are we feeling a subtle shift in the force, to clarify our most rebellious instincts to actually work them in the world more effectively? Hmmm, and with a whole year ahead of the most freewheeling, exuberant, expansive planet of all in the most disciplined, conservative, authority/structure/rules/responsibility oriented sign-what could possibly go wrong, lol? 

Especially given Capricorn structures are already under immense internal pressure to evolve under the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Jupiter trining the other maverick planet, Uranus newly in another earthy, grounded sign of Taurus-the imperative to shake up the exisiting order of our lives is becoming quite insistent huh? And given that Jupiter...

December 2, 2019

December is upon us and the scopes are up, to guide us through the intensity: 

Because it's kind of dominated by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction brewing deep under the surface of whatever is going on in our lives right now -it's a cathartic, transformative reality check! We face off our demons with a fierce internal locus of power (thank you Mars in Scorpio); to access a raw, primal authenticity about who we are & how to live, love & thrive in the world.  Which requires a swift demo/rebuild of any structures in our lives that no longer serve us (thank you Uranus in Taurus) -ready or not. 

So thank goodness for Jupiter joining Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn from Dec 3rd, to rev up any new paradigm scenar...

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