August is here, we're rolling into the second half of the surreal trip that is 2020, and the scopes are up for a bit of astro insight... We have Mars, the god of dynamic forward motion, spunky determination, sexy libido & also war, conflict & aggro attitude fully fired up in his home turf of Aries -and he's staying there for an extended tour till Jan 2021! So yeah, we've got plenty of vitality & kinaesthetic, physical energy to burn, we know what we want & we know how to get it! Especially with Mars/Lilith hooking up this month, our attitude is fiercely uncompromising; but of course the question is do we use for destructive or productive purposes hmmmm? Including our love lives, where warrio


CANCER/CANCER RSING Are you feeling the buzz of Mars recently in your career sector yet? I mean the sheer vitality & hyper stimulation of the power planet firing up your sense of purpose in the world has got to be a turn on, and you better get used to it because it’s rocking your world for the whole rest of the year! You’re all fired up with a fierce determination to thrive, churning through your ambitions with a positive lust for life, vocational success & living large on your own terms -yes. But also with another 5 months to play out; you can balance the adrenal, hungry impatience of this astro with an instinctual knowing that you have plenty of time to adapt, be patient & explore your ful


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So you know how you adore the stimulation of connecting with your tribe, social networking & the company of good friends; as in the healthy exchange of ideas with interesting people is basically like oxygen to you -chatty dialogue is your core respiratory function much? I mean for example during lockdown etc, where some signs were taking the opportunity to hide out in introvert heaven; you were the sign most likely to be on every social media app/phone calls etc, keeping the flow of human interaction right? Well you’re going to love Mars energising your social/community sector for the whole rest of the year! You are more likely to be invited to do cool things with cool p


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So how did you go with the reality check that was Saturn briefly hassling your biz sector, from April-July? As in you realize that you are the pointy end of whatever vocational imperative has been driving you for the last several years, and calculating exactly how much work & determination you’ll need to get over the line for the net few years. And was maybe tricky trying to stay on point just as the economy went bonkers, what with lockdown etc… So it’s kind of a relief with Saturn now backing off for the rest of the year, for a reprieve to consider & prepare your next move until he gets back on your case with peak professional functionality from Jan onwards. You are goi


ARIES/ARIES RISING So it’s all about your dynamic ruler Mars, in Aries from late June till Jan 2021 –omg you have the whole rest of the year to be gloriously energised & ready to rock! So you are presumably reading this with fire in your belly already, and you just know you are going to make 2020 count for something right? And I mentioned last month that Mars on Chiron was temporary, wobbly self doubt –which in retrospect you can now see was a valuable moment of vulnerable authenticity, the better to pull yourself together & move forward with renewed integrity… Good. Because August is all about Mars on Lilith, in play all month & exact around the 8th. This is such a spectacular meeting of th


PISCES/PISCES RISING The Full Moon of the 4th is on your home turf, the spooky, magical 12th house where you are perfectly happy dreaming, meditating & tuning into your inner muse/creative inspo. Especially with Uranus jazzing things up from your ideas/comms sector, you could be cooking up some exceptionally cool, visionary insights & sparkly dialogues for a fresh attitude as the month begins. Nice. And helpfully, in terms of manifesting stuff in the world you have Mars energising your 2nd house of personal values & independent wealth for the rest of the year! So lest anyone accuse you of being a dreamy flake, they should see how fiercely motivated you are right now; and just how much sheer,


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So Saturn in Aquarius from March-July was a taste of the longer Saturn transit coming up next year; tuning into your personal discipline to clean up your act, deal with the straight world where necessary & generally act like a grown up. And don’t worry it’s not about watering down your spunky eccentricity –its more doing the hard work to embrace your full capacity to be a high-functioning, brilliantly effective flake in the world. Do admit you just know it’s going to be worth it, to make fab stuff happen in your life. But meanwhile you were presumably relieved when Saturn backed off recently, giving you plenty of wriggle room to deal with the rest of crazy 2020; whi


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING There’s kind of no getting away from your taskmaster ruler, Saturn in your sign right now. I mean after 2 years of persistent personal discipline, to get your shizz together, you thought you were home free when Saturn left Capricorn in March? Just as the world locked down you could catch a break from the hard-yakka of cleaning up your act & walking your talk in the world? Yes, the last 4 months have been a bit of wriggle room to catch your breath; but now Saturn is back for the rest of the year to revise & finesse whatever challenging lessons you’ve been dealing with lately. Aargh is there no end to this process?? Well I’m here to tell you that the ace up your slee


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Lets get straight into the best astro news you’ve heard in ages –we have to talk about Mars in your 5th house of play, talent, creative expression, brazen self confidence & easy romance till January 2021! This is a massively long time for the most sexy, energising planet (who normally only visits each house for 2 months at a time) to charge up the most fun part of your chart. So you’ve got the whole rest of the year to embrace that life-affirming optimism you do so well, no matter how fuqed up the rest of the world may be -hallellujah. I mean ok, with Mars on Chiron mid July you may have been feeling kinda wobbly, vulnerable & plagued by self-doubt recently; as


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So presumably you’ve been loving Venus in your home turf, the sexy 8th house for ages this year? Because it’s all about that romantic attraction frisson, juicy entanglements & sweet intimacy that you do so well -bless. And do admit that even Venus retro last month, with the all the complex interpersonal headfuq was a bit of a turn on –I mean if anyone can hold their own in the crazy game of love, its our passionate, spunky Scorpio right? And same goes for biz/family financial politics, where even tricky scenarios could potentially be quite promising, because your savvy fiscal instincts are more on point than ever. And it all comes together nicely with Venus on the Dest


LIBRA.LIBRA RISING So after your ruler Venus swanning around your liberating 9th house in recent months, you’ve been quite the free spirit. Freedom of movement & autonomous life plans have been your thing, and apart from unfortunate timing what with lockdown etc cramping your style (dammit) –your need for personal space has not exactly been conducive to heavy, excessive interpersonal entanglement huh? But then again you have Mars firing up your relationship sector from July until early Jan –the rest of the year is kinda mating season, ready or not! The sheer, libidinous life force of Mars means the force is strong with your love mojo, where you feel more energised when you explore your perso


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING August begins with the Full Moon of the 4th in your favourite home turf; the 6th house of effective work ethic & details management for the practical magic to manifest cool things in the world. So your instincts are fully on point, when it comes to living healthy, wealthy & wise to create a work/lifestyle balance that you can actually enjoy huh? Excellent, also bearing in mind that your ruler Mercury speeding through your soul sector in early Aug has you pulling together the inner mental discipline to figure out the spiritual principles/creative inspo that is driving you from within. And when Mercury hits your sign from the 21st you will have finessed your motivation, the


LEO/LEO RISING So with Mercury speeding through your sign at a thousand miles an hour this month, you are nothing if not quick on your feet! From the 6th -20th you are all over ticking off the to-do list, expert details management & buzzing around getting stuff done. Not to mention wonderful mental alacrity, to handle your dialogues with clever, witty panache. Which is handy for the Full Moon of the 4th in your relationship sector. To the extent that Uranus has some fully sparky, out of nowhere conversations coming up with certain loved ones -you’re onto it. Especially you’re ready for genuine, stimulating communication in your love life, and maybe keep it sweet with someone special by actua


How are we going with this Cancer New Moon, exact 3,32am July 21st, AEST? I mean New Moons are always a fresh perspective, and in the most lunar, emo sign of Cancer we tend to be more raw & authentic about whatever feelings are coming up -they're real! Especially with this Moon exactly opposite Saturn, the vibe has a certain emotional gravitas. We are not so much indulging temperamental, impetuous or whimsical moods; we are finding the fortitude to hold space for our deeper instincts to reveal themselves & the discipline to act accordingly... I mean the Saturnian energy we're dealing with can feel kind of heavy, as we are more aware than ever of any relational obligations we can't avoid & a


Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is here, exact 2.44pm July 5th, AEST -and its a cracker, in keeping with the wild times we're living in... Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and gosh we've been pretty triggered by the intensity of the world recently, not to mention so many planets retrograde have had us bottling things up as we try to suss out the lay of the land. So we're kind of edgy & volatile, and of course this being an Eclipse is fully increasing the barometric pressure emotionally... watch out it's kind of explosive right now! Because this Moon is picking up on the dynamite astro of Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, exact this week, and Capr


July is here & things just keep getting more real! I mean are we keeping up with the wild times we're living through or what?? And the scopes are up at, to provide some astrological perspective... We have Jupiter/Pluto for the gutsy courage to seize our most wild & brazen dreams -against the odds we are ready to phoenix into next-level magnificence. Yes, but also Saturn retro is giving us a run for our money with proper challenges to reality check just how real our determination to thrive is... it's kind of now or never to believe in our dreams with full on, gutsy determination. We have a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th to come to terms with our true feelings about whatever is g


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So let’s talk about Venus in an epic, extended tour of Gemini, to lush up your gorgeous charisma, talent & beauty in the world from April 4th-August 8th this year. Especially with Uranus inspiring you to rock your most incandescent, spunky self to mingle on the social scene, which you adore -2020 is your time to feel fabulous about yourself & shine! Yes, but also it kinda sucks that your most brilliant, confident, show-off season ever has coincided with hiding out in tedious lockdown/social distancing etc recently? Way to cramp your style much?? Especially Venus retro mid-may to late June was tricky, to take a step back & re-evaluate where you’re coming from & graciously


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So how good is Venus direct in your cash/income sector right now! As in Venus retro since mid May has been a bit frustrating/stalled your earning potential, even if just the general economic fuqery of lockdown etc going on around us has been cramping your style. So Venus direct this month feels so right to get those brilliant financial instincts of yours back on, and get on with thriving beautifully for the rest of the year. Yes, you are nicely on track to finance the life you want to live on your own terms… But then again with change-lord Uranus in your sign, pulling Venus into the existential questions about your purpose that is Mars/Chiron in your soul sector –the rea


ARIES/ARIES RISING Mars bang on the magical 1st degree, cardinal point of Aries on July 1st is a pretty sexy way begin the month, but that’s only the beginning; as Mars prepares to fire up your sign for an epic 6 months of energising your most unstoppable, can-do enthusiasm! You are burning with a fierce, passionate, positively confident lust for life -and champing at the bit to embrace your full, brilliant potential in the world. So yes, your ruling planet onside for the rest of the year has got to be wildly auspicious & you can’t wait to grab life by the horns huh? Excellent. But meanwhile we also have to talk about Mars tangling with the healer Chiron throughout July, where your greatest


PISCES/PISCES RISING So with Saturn retro, backing into your social sector this month you’re giving a lot of thought to the fundamental dynamics of your tribe & your place in the world. As in a bit of a reality check -sorting out the valuable connections around you vs culling any dreary social obligations that don’t so much serve you anymore? Because also Jupiter/Pluto are so revealing whatever promising scene is calling your name, where you can express yourself more authentically & network more effectively in the world. Also bonding with the close, genuine friends who get you & you remind one another how fab you are. So once you figure out your ideal crew & niche in the world, you’ve got s