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So Saturn in Aquarius from March-July was a taste of the longer Saturn transit coming up next year; tuning into your personal discipline to clean up your act, deal with the straight world where necessary & generally act like a grown up. And don’t worry it’s not about watering down your spunky eccentricity –its more doing the hard work to embrace your full capacity to be a high-functioning, brilliantly effective flake in the world. Do admit you just know it’s going to be worth it, to make fab stuff happen in your life.

But meanwhile you were presumably relieved when Saturn backed off recently, giving you plenty of wriggle room to deal with the rest of crazy 2020; whilst you take the time to finesse your intentions and prepare for Saturn to get serious in your sign from next January onwards…

Which is good timing for the Aqua Full Moon of August 4th, because in exact square with your ruler, sparky Uranus you want permission to be feeling restless as fuq, and sorry not sorry, absolutely refusing to tow the line re anyone’s expectations of you right now! Yes, the month begins with such a thrilling sense of personal liberation-yay.

I mean also with Uranus in your home sector for the next several years, you are just beginning to get the hang of the how much you are exploring wild new options about the domestic/family/personal life scenario. You are fully open to unexpected possibilities about where to live & what your ideal home looks like, also the emotional oxygen & unconventional relating skills you do so well, to love your loved ones as honestly and authentically as possible.

Also speaking of honesty, we have to talk about bolshie Mars in your ideas/communication sector for the rest of the year; which really fires up that incandescent mind of yours and naturally direct way of doing things. I mean being so brilliant mentally means you spend quite a bit of time in your head, entertaining wildly tangential thoughts that the rest of us can only hope to grasp. And as a beacon of intelligence you love to share your genius around with a genuine passion for the truth, to inspire the rest of us to higher things. Yes nice, but do admit that this can also vibe a bit impatient with mere mortals, and kind of opinionated & uncompromising at times hmmm?

Because Mars is turning on your most sensational schemes & dreams, which is so beautifully motivating to walk your talk in the world-excellent. But also you want to watch it’s not overstimulating your busy head; with adrenal stress of thinking too much, forcing the issue with hair-trigger reactions in certain dialogues & coming on too strong hmmm? So especially with Mars on bitch Lilith around the 8th, if you can avoid any conflict/drama tendencies you have such a fabulous, spunky attitude to focus on your most positive affirmations instead...

Especially with Venus/Destiny Point in your talent sector early August, your creative process is so on point. The more you get how amazing you are at what you do, the more your confident self-expression in on fire. Which prepares you nicely for Venus in your day-job sector from Aug 8th-till Sept 6th, where you work your charm & good looks to hustle the perfect gig to show off in the world.

Meanwhile around Venus/Destiny Point in your romance sector reveals spooky, exciting chemistry in your love life and Mars/Lilith for sexy, hot & bothered flirtation or volatile arguments (as the case may be) –it’s tetchy but promising. Then the New Moon of the 19th in your love sector has Mercury to whisper sweet things into your lover’s ear, and work it out as harmoniously as possible –nice one.

Image: Collier Schorr for Saint Laurent.

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