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So presumably you’ve been loving Venus in your home turf, the sexy 8th house for ages this year? Because it’s all about that romantic attraction frisson, juicy entanglements & sweet intimacy that you do so well -bless. And do admit that even Venus retro last month, with the all the complex interpersonal headfuq was a bit of a turn on –I mean if anyone can hold their own in the crazy game of love, its our passionate, spunky Scorpio right?

And same goes for biz/family financial politics, where even tricky scenarios could potentially be quite promising, because your savvy fiscal instincts are more on point than ever. And it all comes together nicely with Venus on the Destiny Point around the 6th, with spectacular synchronicity connecting you with the right people at the right time to live, love & thrive with delicious, primal intensity. You adore this, of course.

Especially on the back of the Full Moon of the 4th in your home sector, which clarifies your personal priorities nicely –so you’re totally emotionally congruent about whatever love/family/real-estate/money choices you’re making this month.

Also, we really need to talk about Mars, conveniently firing up your work & wellbeing sector until January! This unleashes such sheer physical vitality, which motivates you to do something useful with all that spare energy you have to burn.

This is quintessential astro for a brilliant health kick –hitting the gym/yoga mat etc & fuelling your body with the right kind of nutrients, to support a more active workout regime feels better than ever. And your fierce work ethic is through the roof -your ambition is kind of a force of nature here, to the extent you are mentally focused on a gig that actually turns you on & affords dynamic professional/personal growth. Gosh the rest of 2020 could so be your time to shine on the job & most fulfilling lifestyle, if you’re up for it?

And Mars on bitch Lilith around August 9th is a clue about just how determined you are to get this right. I mean you could be bloody uncompromising about workplace politics, as usual (and you might want to watch for any power-trippy flare ups). But if you can remain cool, calm & collected as you do so well, this is primo time to make stuff happen on your own terms; because the integrity of your core goals is clearer than ever-yes go you!

Because meanwhile your ruler Pluto with lucky Jupiter in your ideas/comms sector is such a spectacular opportunity to focus only on transformative, positive affirmations. (As opposed to the kind of obsessive/gnarly old stories about whatever went wrong back in the day you’ve been known to indulge in -no offence but you know what I mean?)

Especially the Mercurial New Moon of the 19th is brilliant for forward thinking, professional inspiration, and getting the details right for effective progress with your fab life/career plans -perfect!

Image: Hannah Lemholt

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