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The Full Moon of the 4th is on your home turf, the spooky, magical 12th house where you are perfectly happy dreaming, meditating & tuning into your inner muse/creative inspo. Especially with Uranus jazzing things up from your ideas/comms sector, you could be cooking up some exceptionally cool, visionary insights & sparkly dialogues for a fresh attitude as the month begins.

Nice. And helpfully, in terms of manifesting stuff in the world you have Mars energising your 2nd house of personal values & independent wealth for the rest of the year! So lest anyone accuse you of being a dreamy flake, they should see how fiercely motivated you are right now; and just how much sheer, tangible physical energy you have to make your best plans happen & financially viable.

Especially Mars on Lilith this month, exact around the 8th gives you extra fire in your belly to assert your way of doing things with bitching authenticity –you are kind of on fire! And just as Mercury hits your work sector, to get the details right on the day job & finesse the process.

Then the New Moon of the 19th, in your work sector has clever Mercury all over it, Mars for momentum, Venus in your talent sector for shameless self promotion & Saturn/Pluto involved to effectively finesse your professional scene, with possibly lucrative results. So goodness me you are kind of on fire right now, to the extent you are so onto some brilliant vocational schemes to enable your most satisfying lifestyle, and sense of purpose in the world.

Also Saturn backing into your community sector helps to tidy up your social network. Because Jupiter & Pluto reveal so many wonderful people who have your back as a supportive tribe, by challenging you with positive, motivational encouragement to step up to your full potential. And you want to make time for those true friends, not so much the acquaintances who are more into competitive status anxiety –know what I mean?

Meanwhile Venus on the Destiny Point around the 8th is sweet for your closer personal relationships, on home turf. This is great for clarifying any family & co-hab dynamics, for a nicer domestic harmony. And yes especially your partner/shacked up lover vibe is quite magical right now, with nice romantic synchronicity where you’re both in the mood at the same time -if you’re into exploring a deeper connection? Also if dating, this could be ideal timing for a lovely, cosy rendezvous at home?

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