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August is here, we're rolling into the second half of the surreal trip that is 2020, and the scopes are up for a bit of astro insight...

We have Mars, the god of dynamic forward motion, spunky determination, sexy libido & also war, conflict & aggro attitude fully fired up in his home turf of Aries -and he's staying there for an extended tour till Jan 2021! So yeah, we've got plenty of vitality & kinaesthetic, physical energy to burn, we know what we want & we know how to get it! Especially with Mars/Lilith hooking up this month, our attitude is fiercely uncompromising; but of course the question is do we use for destructive or productive purposes hmmmm?

Including our love lives, where warrior Mars & bitchingly empowered Lilith are a formidable combination for such passionate, sizzling hot romantic chemistry-IF we are dealing with a meeting of equals? But anything less could devolve into toxic, competitive, volatile bickering etc at warp speed so let's watch that.

We have Saturn retrograde, backing over various decisions we've made in recent months; to reality check, revise & reconsider our road map to success. It's kind of frustrating that just when we thought we were getting somewhere we have to backtrack, and maybe feel temporarily stalled, dammit. But of course it's a fab opportunity to fix any fuq-ups or poor choices that we have been regretting; and realise that with a bit of discipline we can finesse the process, and get back on track just when we were ready to give up-this could be such excellent, renewed determination...

Also Saturn is joining Jupiter/Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn for the rest of the year. Where we are totally up for the most positive courage to question everything, release any naff old attachments/patterns etc; change gears or even the entire plan if necessary. The better to rise up singing with a fresh, expansive sense of our full potential-and follow the hell through no matter what! This is the opposite of stuck; it is game-changing, transformative & so life affirming!

So August kind of feels like a fork in the road, where we are looking back & looking forward at the same time. The better to finesse our intentions to charge forward, whenever we've clarified exactly what we're doing... let's take the time to get it right x

And more detail for your sign, with the August horoscopes here.

Image: Peter Lindbergh

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