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So how did you go with the reality check that was Saturn briefly hassling your biz sector, from April-July? As in you realize that you are the pointy end of whatever vocational imperative has been driving you for the last several years, and calculating exactly how much work & determination you’ll need to get over the line for the net few years. And was maybe tricky trying to stay on point just as the economy went bonkers, what with lockdown etc…

So it’s kind of a relief with Saturn now backing off for the rest of the year, for a reprieve to consider & prepare your next move until he gets back on your case with peak professional functionality from Jan onwards. You are going to use this time to massage your ambition, finesse the plan and remain committed to your natural entrepreneurial/biz genius huh?

Especially the Full Moon of the 4th, your instincts are pretty damn good about what you want to be doing in the world, for rewarding/holistic job satisfaction.

Also because with Mars low key in your hidden soul sector also for the rest of the year, your motivation mojo is more subtle than necessarily forcing grand gestures in the world. Quietly scheming & dreaming is way more productive & strategic than charging around, scattering energy trying to force external scenarios right now. Meanwhile replenishing your Qi with meditation/yoga, crystal/cosmic magic etc, whatever healing modalities work for your inner wellbeing is so the right medicine, to keep your focus clear with this astro.

Especially with Jupiter/Pluto & Saturn in your vision sector. You are actually in a powerful, transformative phase of understanding your broader purpose in the world; and the discipline to keep your fabulously positive intentions clean (regardless of how long they take to manifest) is more important than ever.

Then the New Moon of the 19th brings your attention to emotional authenticity on home turf. And with Mercury all over this, the key to domestic bliss is crystal clear communication! Family dynamics, co-hab harmony & loving up your shacked up partner all benefit immensely from constructive, emotionally intelligent dialogue.

Because in sync with Mars/Lilith in your soul sector you’re actually quite fired up about your deeper feelings & want to express yourself as authentically as possible with your tribe/loved ones, and keeping it real is a beautiful thing. But also it’s a kind of frustrating vibe, and the temptation to vibe passive-aggressive & expect certain people to read your mind is also going on –you want to watch that huh?

Especially with Venus in your comms sector keeping it sweet works best, not so much bitchy attitude just for the sake of it. Extra-specially for your love life, flirty romantic frisson is quite passionate right now so might as well embrace it!

Image: via Afroza Khan

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