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So you know how you adore the stimulation of connecting with your tribe, social networking & the company of good friends; as in the healthy exchange of ideas with interesting people is basically like oxygen to you -chatty dialogue is your core respiratory function much? I mean for example during lockdown etc, where some signs were taking the opportunity to hide out in introvert heaven; you were the sign most likely to be on every social media app/phone calls etc, keeping the flow of human interaction right?

Well you’re going to love Mars energising your social/community sector for the whole rest of the year! You are more likely to be invited to do cool things with cool people who turn you on, to feel part of the human family. Especially with your ruler Mercury sparking your comms sector this month, that beautiful social butterfly thing you do so well is fully on, you’re out & about & loving it…

Also Mars on bitch Lilith this month is particularly fiery. You’re more attracted to people who constructively challenge & excite you, for personal growth & hold your own with integrity, than just hanging out in an echo chamber of easy, like-minded opinions, know what I mean?

And also this is kind of sexy. So if single/dating maybe a magnetic attraction with someone crazy charismatic on the scene, and to the extent they are truly your equal possibly something real brewing between you –this could be hot!

Or if already partnered/in love? It’s all about Jupiter/Pluto in your intimacy sector, brewing such game-changing, volatile chemistry full of passionate vitality –OMG you’re feeling it big time. So it could be delicious, spunky devotion, which feels amazing, or even if destructive drama you realize its time to figure out a positive outcome, one way or the other.

Because Saturn backing into your intimacy sector, to join the fray for the rest of the year is the reality check you need to clarify the rules of engagement. As feelings are running high, you also have the emotional sobriety to suss out the veracity of the actual compatibility going on; and based on that the quality of commitment you are dealing with long term… or not?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th is in your favourite 3rd house, ruling that clever mind, brilliant thought process, clever networking & witty repartee of yours, that we discussed earlier-and hopefully bringing full emotional congruence to whatever you’re on about right? Also just in time for Venus on the Destiny Point in your sign, for a moment of magical alignment with your true soul purpose that is nothing short of inspirational! Then the New Moon of the 19th in your vision/adventure sector turns you onto the next big move, to pursue the dreams that have been recently awoken. Nice one.

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