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Are you feeling the buzz of Mars recently in your career sector yet? I mean the sheer vitality & hyper stimulation of the power planet firing up your sense of purpose in the world has got to be a turn on, and you better get used to it because it’s rocking your world for the whole rest of the year!

You’re all fired up with a fierce determination to thrive, churning through your ambitions with a positive lust for life, vocational success & living large on your own terms -yes. But also with another 5 months to play out; you can balance the adrenal, hungry impatience of this astro with an instinctual knowing that you have plenty of time to adapt, be patient & explore your full potential…

For example if Chiron in your career sector, triggered by Mars mid July has been playing on the insecurities or existential angst, around what the fuq you’re supposed to be doing with your life lately? Best be kind with any fluxy, wobbly scenarios this has revealed; and the healing/problem solving process to tease out the biz plans that could work beautifully with a bit more nurturing vs bonkers schemes that are frankly ready to be ditched. You’re sorting it out more effectively than you realize –honest.

Because I’ve got to tell you about Mars on bitch Lilith this month- to rev up your uncompromisingly brilliant, incandescent career plans, claim to fame, authentic self-expression, fulfilling job/lifestyle or whatever makes you feel alive. Because with Lilith involved you trust your own instincts, even if they go against the grain of societal/professional expectations or whatever. You are all about permission to do your own fab thing; because as long as you are doing it with integrity you truly couldn’t give a fuq what anyone else thinks, right??

Especially with Uranus shaking up your social sector, this is your moment to be a high-functioning maverick & shine on your own weirdo terms; and hopefully find other, cool weirdos to hang out with inspire each other…

Because meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th, in your personal entanglements sector reveals the importance of connecting more deeply with the closest, special people who really matter. It’s kind of mainly about sexy/intimate loving if that’s your thing. But also family/biz dynamics require caring attention here –especially for win/win, shared financial advantage.

Which reminds us that Pluto/Jupiter are rocking powerfully passionate, positively game changing developments in your partnership sector. Lovers are challenging your boundaries & relationships are ready to be transformed, one-way or the other. Especially with Saturn involved, to reality check the quality of commitment you’re dealing with? And this is actually more likely to be hot, promising & excitingly energising than not.

And your biz partnerships/professional relationships are also energised here. Especially by the New Moon of the 19th in your income sector, with clever Mercury to finesse the details of how & with whom you negotiate your best earning potential huh?

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