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There’s kind of no getting away from your taskmaster ruler, Saturn in your sign right now. I mean after 2 years of persistent personal discipline, to get your shizz together, you thought you were home free when Saturn left Capricorn in March? Just as the world locked down you could catch a break from the hard-yakka of cleaning up your act & walking your talk in the world?

Yes, the last 4 months have been a bit of wriggle room to catch your breath; but now Saturn is back for the rest of the year to revise & finesse whatever challenging lessons you’ve been dealing with lately. Aargh is there no end to this process??

Well I’m here to tell you that the ace up your sleeve is Jupiter/Pluto also in your sign for the rest of the year, unleashing such fierce, fabulous, positive lust for life. You are saying absolutely yes to whatever the world throws at you; because you’ve been doing the work on such a primal level to be prepared for the transformative growth that comes with embracing wonderful, scary new opportunities. You are totally up for living like you mean it & walk your talk with full authenticity- well done you, you’re ready to rock…

Especially around the Full Moon of the 4th, sparky Uranus in your creative sector has you playing with how to leverage your best talent to financial advantage, which is pretty much your core competency at the best of times. Extra specially with Venus on the Destiny Point by the 6th in your work sector, which is so revealing about whatever gig/shmick professional manoeuvring aligns you with your most brilliant vocational path. You adore the motivational clarity coming up here, it’s so up your alley & you’re so ready to make it happen!

Meanwhile we have to talk about Mars in your home sector for the rest of the year. Where as much as you’re putting yourself out there in the world, you understand that you are actually most energised by getting the domestic, real estate, family & personal relationship dynamics sorted. It’s increasingly obvious that the more you are inspired & turned on at home, the more you can thrive in every other aspect of your life…

Also because Mars/Chiron recently may have flushed out certain emotional sensitivities/issues on home turf, triggering a bit of vulnerability you’ve been skirting around? And Mars/Lilith around the 8th, just as Venus hits your love sector could be high time to deal with it. I mean yes it could be volatile as fuq & passions are certainly running high; but the more you clear the air now the more you can move forward with a robust, healthy sense of your foundational relationships right?

Especially after the Full Moon of the 4th, where your instincts are so on point about your own values & goals. And Mercury helps to finesse the dialogue with whatever interpersonal entanglements are going on re sex/love/family/financial/biz, the better to be on the same page with your closest people. Then the New Moon of the 19th is even more articulate clarity, to keep the conversation real.

Meanwhile Venus/Destiny Point around the 6th is a moment of flash inspiration about the ideal gig, to hustle your best talent to go forth & thrive professionally-bless.

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