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Lets get straight into the best astro news you’ve heard in ages –we have to talk about Mars in your 5th house of play, talent, creative expression, brazen self confidence & easy romance till January 2021! This is a massively long time for the most sexy, energising planet (who normally only visits each house for 2 months at a time) to charge up the most fun part of your chart. So you’ve got the whole rest of the year to embrace that life-affirming optimism you do so well, no matter how fuqed up the rest of the world may be -hallellujah.

I mean ok, with Mars on Chiron mid July you may have been feeling kinda wobbly, vulnerable & plagued by self-doubt recently; as certain creative endeavours or love scenarios revealed intrinsic flaws & you’ve got as close as a Sag can get to losing your moxy/fear of failure & giving up –aargh this kind of despair aint your thing! And I’m here to tell you that Mars on spunky, bitchingly empowered Lilith by Aug 8th is where you really hit your stride, remember that you are a force of nature when it comes to overcoming anything –and reset your brilliant determination to thrive for the rest of the year, you’re totally up for it no matter what huh?

Which is handy, because Saturn backing into your income sector right now feels like cramping your style, hammering certain financial realities/budgetary discipline you thought you had squirmed out of in March –dammit! So yes financial reality check/crunch time but you know what? Your lucky ruler Jupiter on lucrative Pluto also in your cash sector is stronger than that. You’re not only surviving you are hustling big coin & transformative earning opportunities (especially with sparky Uranus in your work sector) which allow you to rock it on your own terms.

Gah I know you’ve been under the pump to work a leaner, meaner game than you prefer since Saturn turned up in 2015-and fiscal stress since 2018, and you’re wondering is it ever going to end?? Yes, if you can just stay on point & work the magic of Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn dancing around each other for the rest of the year; you are looking at so many opportunities to leverage your brilliance with Mars in your talent sector & enjoy the promising financial rewards. And Mars says have fun doing it-your playful, liberating lust for life & enjoy every moment is also your superpower right now.

And with sexy Mars on spunky Lilith in your romance sector in August, this includes love. Ok you’re not going to get very far with vague/ambiguous flirtation or lukewarm domestic compromise etc, just for the sake of relationship. You want a passionate meeting of equals, genuine chemistry & prepared to deal with the fireworks that come with authentic, fiery connection. Which is pretty much your usual settings so nothing new –but perhaps with the healer Chiron involved you are able to broach that extra subtle, sensitive vulnerability that you often tend to avoid; to work through nitty gritty issues & really feel it with your lover huh?

Especially Venus on the Destiny Point in your love sector, just after the Full Moon of the 4th in your communication sector. If you can speak from the heart here, with your best romantic courage you could be looking at a spookily meant to be, long term commitment that really turns you on. Ooh la la, it could be worth the risk to reveal your hand right now, one way or the other…

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