So June is here, and as if we needed it with everything else going on it's also Eclipse Season-aargh? Eclipses bring a powerful magnification of the emotional/psychic/instinctive energies flowing through the lunar cycles of the month, which obviously means we feel it all WAY more intensely. Great, as if we needed that just as the world as we know it has gone batshit crazy! But of course this heightened intuition is exactly what we need right now, to manage the inevitable transformation we are going through in so many areas of our lives with as much intelligence as possible... If it's time to phoenix into something new ready or not, might as well keep it conscious & create something wonderfu


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So the 14th is the annual Full Moon in your love sector AND it’s an Eclipse for extra potency, and even better is opposite love goddess Venus shining bright in your sign in a magnetic attraction/romantic tension vibe with Mars. It’s time to look cute, polish the bedroom vibe & open thy heart to good loving –it’s mating season baby! If you’re already in love/connected it’s perfect time to enchant your partner anew, re-kindle the chemistry & bond more deeply. Especially with Jupiter confidence on sexy Pluto in your sex sector, you’re ready to expand your capacity for intimacy with courageous, game changing, powerful passion-yes! Also Mars in your biz sector is pulling your


CANCER/CANCER RISING So I think I mentioned last month that Venus in your hidden soul sector till August has you quite happy with your own company for a while, communing with your inner muse for a deeper source of creative & spiritual inspo to fill your cup. Which could have you dealing well with whatever lockdown etc is still going on wherever you are; to take the opportunity for reflective personal growth & loving relationship with self, meditation or whatever spiritual practice is your thing and maybe finesse the creative process/low-key make some brilliant art behind the scenes? Which you will be ready to go forth & show off your shiny new confidence & creative/self expression when Venus


LEO/LEO RISING So you’ll be loving Saturn out of your work/lifestyle/health sector, to ease day job pressures & politics and maybe resolve any health problems that have been bugging you lately. Because now with Jupiter/Pluto for the next few months you’ll be feeling a spectacular capacity to regenerate your physical wellbeing, power up your brilliant professional motivation & phoenix into transformative new vitality; the better to seize the day & embrace the next level, meaningful life you want to live. Especially with the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your natural habitat –the 5th house of talent/creativity & general showing off in the world-omg you love this! Extra-specially with Venus i


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Well Saturn fresh into your work/lifestyle/heath sector would have most signs cringing, at the thought of 2.5 years ahead of massive personal discipline to clean up your act –but do admit you love this! You’ve purged the pantry of naff junk food &stocked up on superfood supplements/vitamins/fresh veggies, got the workout regime sorted (thank goodness outdoor exercise is still legal if lockdown etc is still on where you live?) and polished your work wardrobe/stationary supplies in your office/admin details/day job regimen/fierce work ethic to an inch of its life –and ready to come at it with that lean, mean efficiency you’re so famous for… So on that note, how good is Venus


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING It’s Eclipse season, which is always transformative; and particularly for you with the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your ideas/comms sector. You fully get that the quality of your thoughts really does create your reality. As in the power of projecting fresh, visionary, positive new affirmations into your life plan takes the same amount of energy as clinging onto obstinate, stale old patterns & limiting belief systems that lets face it, have been holding you back for a while now. I mean Venus in your vision sector till August brings such brilliant, magical manifestation opportunities if you’re prepared to recognise that you are the captain of your destiny this year right


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So with Saturn out of your ideas sector you’re thinking more clearly, sans the existential dread/pressing worries you’ve been trying to process for the last few years. Yay, because Jupiter/Pluto are revealing such positive new affirmations to power forward with fab, transformative intentions you’re ready to manifest for the rest of the year… The better to clearly focus on the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th -in your favourite sectors of sex and money! Ok that sounds a bit shallow lol, so I’ll elaborate: The Eclipse in your income sector harnesses the creative brilliance of Mars/Neptune in your talent sector; just because it feels so good to excel at whatever you’re natura


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So the annual Full Moon in your sign is always an invitation to tune into your true feelings & gut instincts, and with this one being a Lunar Eclipse on June 6th is extra powerful-so you are mainlining primal emotional intelligence from your deepest being. Permission to be brilliantly intuitive, wildly passionate & authentic as fuq! Also this Moon is lit by Venus in your love sector, so the romantic/relational vibe is incandescent with potential right now as follows: Venus in an extended tour of your love sector means its basically mating season till August, so even though Venus is retrograde for this Moon its only a little backward step in the tango that is yo


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING You are so relieved to have your taskmaster ruler Saturn out of your hair recently, after 2.5 years of tough personal growth –and ready for a well-deserved lighter, brighter chapter moving forward. And honestly, could it get any better than lucky Jupiter on sexy, transformative Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus awakening your sparkly self confidence -to phoenix into next level, spectacularly positive new lust for life this month? You have faced your shadow & found the power within to conquer your demons and come out more self aware, shiny & spunky than ever; the better to get your swagger on, live large and embrace your most meaningful life purpose -you’re ready to roc


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING With spooky Mars/Neptune in your income & cash sector all month, you’re really grappling with such divinely inspired motivation to do something meaningful you love for a living vs indulging your most bonkers/weirdo/dysfunctional financial tendencies. I mean in these strange economic times your instincts are so on point to embrace the flux & come up with innovative solutions to show the rest of us how it’s done. So it would be kind of naff to fuq up now with whatever spectacularly stupid spending/hare brained scheme is currently tempting you; just when you’re on the brink of magically manifesting brilliant, clever opportunities to thrive right?? Because really its all


PISCES/PISCES RISING So Mars/Neptune entangled in your sign all month is beautiful for your magical charisma but also kind of slippery. I mean you are turned on by such an inspirational sense of what you are capable of and wonderfully, wildly intuitive about the best opportunities to express your exquisite, creative self-expression in the world. So you are chasing the most high-end version of being you, living a meaningful life & loving it –sweet. But also Neptune dissolves the instant gratification Mars impulse, where you’re called to transcend any impatience to get what you want immediately or controlling ego trips-which aint going to work. So you ideally travel with a cruisy, smooth under


ARIES/ARIES RISING So your bolshie ruler Mars entangled with magical, nebulous Neptune in your spooky soul sector is the background astro for June, so we best deal with that first up: Mars represents the fiery, determined life force of yours that powers your fierce, determined momentum in the world & wants to get things done pronto, just because you don’t have time to fuq around with subtleties, and (do admit) you love a bit of instant gratification! But Neptune doesn’t give a fuq about your external priorities/achievement goals whatevs & much prefers you focus your personal power on the inner spiritual/shamanic/creative discipline, to tap into whatever mystical, divine inspo fills your cup


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So just as you’ve gotten the hang of Uranus in your sign & having fun with permission to cut loose, get in touch with your inner rebel & liberate yourself from the status quo…Saturn turns up in your biz sector to force a disciplined work ethic & having to tow the line professionally. Aargh, what new fuqery is this?? As in you might feel torn between your most restless urges coming up OR the promise of material success if you knuckle down on that steady, reliable work ethic you’ve always been so famous for-and see this as some kind of dramatic dilemma between your ‘straight’ life or embracing the great unknown of living more freely? But these apparently opposing imperativ


I've been talking in the horoscopes about Venus in Gemini for ages this year-an extended visit from April 4th-August 8th. And this is ultimately such a lovely invitation to lighten up, inspire ourselves with new ideas and explore the multi-faceted aspects of our desire nature, personal talent & self expression... this is supposed to be fun! So in our love/romance/creative/biz lives we are really craving stimulating dialogues to understand one another better, or at least turn us on with the frisson of sparky, flirty, playful repartee. I mean clever communication is everything to Gemini, it's like emotional oxygen to feel connected & keep our relationships evolving with optimum, suave intellig


So we're coming off a New Moon in Gemini, exact 3.38am May 23rd AEST to fire up the synapses-are we feeling the fresh insights yet? Because New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Gemini its an opportunity to observe & understand our moods through the prism of our conscious mind. As in we pay attention to the quality if our thoughts/belief systems and communication skills right now, and just how much they are manifesting certain situations that may be triggering us emotionally. I mean we get that it takes exactly the same amount of energy to dwell on naff old issues/crappy resentments or stuck in the circular logic of the same old, going-nowhere conversations as it does to


Scorpio Full Moon, exact 8.45pm, May 7th AEST. And to the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, Scorpio Moons are especially notorious for digging deep & revealing our most primal, passionate, volatile emotional needs & relational dramas -which can be pretty explosive at the best of times. But especially now with the state of the world, we've been under extra duress just cos life is so goddamn weird; and also what with lockdown/social distancing etc our relational dynamics are being affected in ways we might not have otherwise chosen. So for some of us pressure cooker partnership/family dynamics hit boiling point as we are stuck at home to


So May is here (and the scopes are up, for a bit of guidance at, link in bio); and who would have thought good old solid, reliable, pleasurable Taurus season could be so goddamn surreal- and it's only getting weirder by the minute WTF?? I mean of course with the most radical, revolutionary, suddenly-game-changing planet of all, Uranus recently in Taurus we were ready for surprising changes to the status quo but still its been a shocker... And with this transit hanging around for several years we have plenty of time to adapt & create fresh, positive, liberating new outcomes from all this discombobulating upheaval; it's honestly more important than ever we choose to focus o


ARIES/ARIES RISING Well the good news is that with Saturn out of your biz sector, you can reflect on the hard slog/tedious delays & obstacles of the last few years, feel damn proud how well you have done coming up with the gritty discipline & determination to get ahead anyway and look forward to an easier ride for a while. Especially as the big astro this month is the spectacularly positive, potentially so lucrative Jupiter/Pluto revving up your biz sector till November. I mean some professional structures have fallen apart with Saturn/Pluto recently, which is of course part of the collective scenario and you have had to adapt accordingly. But now Jupiter reveals the regenerative stage, wher


PISCES/PISCES RISING So Saturn & Mars brooding in your hidden soul sector is exactly the kind of low key introspective vibe that has you turned on by reflective spiritual work, like a shaman in a cave charging your batteries to access the personal power that lies deep within. So I guess that’s helpful, to make the most of whatever lockdown is keeping you insular right now… Good, but I tell you what when Mars comes out of hiding to rev up your sign from May 14th you’re going to feel an instant rush of raw, fierce energy that you’ll be busting to express with more dynamic, tangible force in the world! Get ready, sudden onset extrovert coming -so you might want to find some kind of appropriate,


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So how you going with taskmaster Saturn newly in your sign huh, are you feeling the call to a leaner, cleaner, meaner, more effective version of being you yet? I mean it’s kind of ironic that in these times of lockdown etc, that the most anarchic, free-thinking sign of all is coming into 2.5 years of hosting the most authoritarian, disciplinarian planet of all –what could possibly go wrong lol? You are coming to terms with your relationship with rules, responsibility & external authority-which happens for every sign in 29 year cycles, but how interesting for you that your turn comes around just as the collective vibe is all about personal freedom vs towing the line t