So how is everyone going out there in dystopia? Wild times are upon us, and I will try to share my astro thoughts as succinctly as possible through the prism of this Aries New Moon, exact 7.29pm March 24th, AEDT. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Aries generally about how to align with our own core, autonomous drive to do things on our own terms. Especially with Lilith involved, this is where we forge our own path based on being true to ourselves with courageous, gutsy self-reliance & following the beat of our very own drum. So how does that resonate with us now? Because yes with this massive upheaval we must all dig deep, become massively resourceful & step up to w


Virgo Full Moon coming at us, exact 3.47am AEDT March 10th. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month and in sensitive, highly strung Virgo we can be easily overwhelmed but also quite proficient at clever control freakery, to grit our pretty teeth & keep our elegant composure together no matter what. Virgo loves to keep it clean, orderly & make sober, pragmatic decisions rather than driven by chaotic emotions... So do we Virgo out under this Moon, and manage our anxieties by obsessing over minute details, perfectionist expectations of ourselves, recreational nagging our loved ones or whatever gives us a sense of being in control right now? Yeah but ar


So when Venus enters Taurus we usually breathe a sigh of relief, as we come down from the fiery, combative, temperamental passion of Aries Venus & ground ourselves in the soothing vibes of Taurus sensuality, easy pleasure & steady, bovine comfortability in our skin and relational/material stability. Especially after the primal, volatile, transformative upheaval of Saturn/Pluto recently -we're hoping to settle down and lush out for a while, with Venus in Taurus from March 5th right?? Yeah but no but -sorry folks but no sooner does Venus enter Taurus than pulled into the orbit of sparky Uranus, and the explosive fireworks are more game on than ever! This conjunction is exact by March 9th and w


So Lilith & Chiron are hooking up in Aries right now, and travelling in pretty much exact conjunction for the rest of March -so might be time to talk about the primal, potentially positive astro coming up here: Chiron is the wounded healer, who exposes our most poignant vulnerability, and how to lean into our pain bodies rather than avoidance techniques-we're ready to really look at our issues & feel it on the deepest level. But not so much the temptation to dwell on gnarly resentments about whoever hurt us/scratch our emotional scabs for recreational self pity-no no no! Chiron in Aries is much more pro-active than that, with the full courage to own our own shizz, and the profound comfortabi