I mean with the madness of the world this year, its so easy to be distracted from subtle romantic cues in our personal lives. Which makes it more important to embrace those sparky moments of chemistry/attraction/intimate connection with our lovers when they do come at us yes? So the fiery grand trine of Venus in Leo, Mars in Aries & the Destiny Point of karmic entanglement today is a totally hot rush of meaningful (or at least thrilling) passion- might as well seize the moment whilst we can... Because ok, Mars retro is also kind of thwarting our sexy confidence -where we might be so frustrated by tricky circumstance that we vibe combative with our lovers just when we could be loving one ano


October is here to bring us into the home strait of 2020, and we want to hold onto our hats & stay on point as the year rolls on yes? In many ways the key astro of October is the Jupiter/Mars square: Lucky Jupiter direct increasingly aligns us with our most positive, meaningful sense of purpose & the brilliant momentum that comes with knowing exactly what we came here to do-yay! Especially inching closer to sexy Pluto & disciplined Saturn (exact over the next few months), to really manifest our powerful truth in the world! But also Mars in Aries retrograde this month is kind of like driving toward our dream destination with temporary brakes on. We know we're gonna get there in the end; but m


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So with sexy Mars & healing Chiron retrograde through your relationship sector all month, you’re kind of dealing with the nitty gritty Libra love paradigm. As in key loved ones/lovers/partner/whoever is rocking your world are more likely to be coming on strong. And could be beautifully sensitive to any tetchy emotional issues coming up &the nuances of attraction/vulnerability etc; for fab, authentic connection. But also could be moody/volatile/batshit crazy when least expected… Which makes the New Moon of the 2nd in your relationship sector such an opportunity to work those exquisite interpersonal skills of yours! I mean Mars square Saturn/Pluto trigger any power trips & i


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So with Mars firing up your 6th house of work & health for the rest of the year, you have presumably figured out that 2020 is primo time to pull yourself together and get your productive healthy/wealthy & wise game on right? Which makes the Full Moon of Oct 2nd in your 6th house particularly relevant. With the healer Chiron involved you are so onto looking after your physical health & wellbeing, the better to thrive just because it feels so good to embrace optimum vitality of course; and also to be that much more functional on the day job… Because Chiron is also be calling attention to workplace issues, where you are more sensitive to the nuances of workplace politics.


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So how you going with your lucky ruler Jupiter, direct in your income sector since mid Sept -hopefully a fab new financial confidence to turn you on? Because remember Saturn in your sign was such a bitch, for disciplined personal growth 2015-2018? And just when you thought you were off the hook, you’ve had Saturn on Pluto in your income sector since 2019 & still going strong; to drive your fierce determination to achieve lucrative success but so many goddamn obstacles to deal with along the way…aargh is the hard yakka ever going to end after all these years?? Yes –hallelujah Jupiter is on the move, and about to increasingly pick up the most positive, abundant p


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So I’m thinking that the astro this month has you all fierce & self empowered in the world, but also the gentle touch works best in your home & personal life –as follows: Your ruler Saturn on Pluto in your sign has been calling upon reserves of fierce discipline you never knew you had until recently. I mean whatever circumstances have been challenging your progress have been real; but also strengthened your resolve to grow & thrive with gritty self-determination right? I mean of course it’s a wild world out there this year, and you are one of the people saying when the going gets tough the tough get going-you are fully up to the task of personal transformation to a


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING For someone who spends so much time in that busy, genius head of yours at the best of times, how you going with Mars firing up the synapses for the better part of 2020? I mean with the world in flux & you so tuned into the collective zeitgeist, you’re bound to be picking up on the wild times around you & wondering madly how to get involved/engage with it all, as the socially conscious creature you are. But also Mars on iconoclastic, rebel Lilith has you more than ever aligned with your own personal values, and how to walk your talk in unflinching personal integrity despite the white noise of dystopian background… Because with Jupiter direct on Saturn/Pluto in your so


PISCES/PISCES RISING So Mars in your income sector, where he has a natural affinity, for months on end this year has you all fired up to chase the dollar-but to what end? I mean with Chiron also in the house you are more tuned into the satisfaction that comes from doing something meaningful with your time, and prioritising health & wellbeing as even more valuable than cash, when it comes to work/life balance right? And with the Full Moon of the 2nd bang on Chiron and Mars retrograde; it’s a lovely time to step back & finesse the earning strategy with that awesome intuition/emotional intelligence of yours, rather than just charging forward for the sake of material progress. I bet this feels p


ARIES/ARIES RISING So your ruler Mars in Aries for ages this year, from July till 2020-Jan 2021, has you so fired up to rock your awesome bravado & magnificence no matter what right? Especially in sync with Bitch Lilith, the spunky female counterpoint to Mars macho charisma, you’re firing on all cylinders to assert your brilliance & ready to meet your match in personal relationships –it’s either passionate chemistry & mutual respect or liable to vibe tetchy & combative… Yes fair enough, but also Mars retrograde this month is kind of about stepping back & sussing out the lay of the land as strategically as possible, more so than just charging forward for the sake of it. Maybe time to temporar


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Well Mars in your soul sector for most of the year is already pretty self reflective, as in you get that there’s not much point trying to throw your weight around or force your will in the world, until you’ve had a good look at your inner motivations first. It’s kind of meditative, spiritual work to tune into some kind of self mastery; especially in these wild times we can’t always control external circumstance but we can control how we deal with, sans just reacting impulsively yes? Including quietly scheming & dreaming your next move, dark horse style, to come out fully prepared for tangible progress when Mars turns direct mid Nov, and more so charging into your sign fr


GEMINI/GEMNI RISING Mars in your social sector for ages this year is so positive for that social butterfly confidence of yours – I mean as the most people oriented sign of all, you adore the stimulation of mingling with your tribe & the buzz of healthy human interaction. So you’re loving the energy of community participation, with that natural tendency to get amongst it in 2020 -yay but also a few complicating factors this month: Bitch Lilith on Mars is a kind of maverick attitude, where you’re stirring the pot/being a bit of a rebel on the scene, more so than actually fitting in as such. Which ok is timely, with everyone rubbing up against each other’s wildly differing opinions in these flu


CANCER/CANCER RISING So you’re loving Mars revving up your biz sector for the ages this year, and presumably looking forward to the ongoing professional momentum with Mars on the scene for the rest of 2020? Especially with Lilith involved right now, for a fierce authenticity about your unique purpose in the world –you are doing things on your own spunky, assertive terms, as independently as possible given the circumstances, and don’t care who knows it! Yes it’s a fab year for your brilliant career. But meanwhile Mars retrograde from mid Sept-mid Nov is a moment of pause; to ideally handle any delays with equanimity & take the time to revise the vocational strategy, rather than forcing the is


LEO/LEO RISING Mars in your vision/adventure sector for ages this year would normally be firing up your travel wanderlust, but I guess depending where you are in the world it might not be an option to go charging off to exotic locales what with lockdown etc huh? So in the absence of actual physical travel, you could be broadening your horizons with a study bender or brewing cool, expansive new life plans to excite your expansive, confident future Leonine potential… Especially with Uranus in your biz sector you aint scared of wild, game-changing new professional opportunities right? In fact you’re quite turned on by being thrust into unknown scenarios just outside your comfort zone -the bette


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING The Full Moon of the 2nd in your sexy 8th house of intimacy, financial & personal entanglements is on the healer Chiron; so you’re really feeling into the deeper nuances of human connection. Because with Mars and bitch Lilith also in the 8th, passions are running high! Brilliantly authentic chemistry is a thing and maybe edgy, combative frisson to keep it interesting- I mean with Mars retro till mid Nov you are having to handle intense, greedy desires without necessarily instant gratification-aargh frustrating much? So Chiron reveals any vulnerable emotions coming up under pressure, but ideally we don’t buy into sooky, reactive tantrums right? Much better to refine that ex


So coming off the Virgo New Moon of the 17th, we're all inspired to clean up our act with fresh new intentions, and ready to do the work to manifest accordingly yes? Because Virgo New Moons always such a deliciously clear, renewed emotional perspective -sparkly clear & precise about what we want, & also pragmatic enough to keep our perfectionist ideals real. Especially with positive, lucky Jupiter direct & this Moon square the Destiny Point, aligning us with an insistent, visionary sense of purpose -whatever we came here to do we're ready for it! And in exact trine with Saturn for extra, gutsy determination to maintain our resolve no matter what. Because with Saturn retro square Mars retro t


So Venus square Mars the last few days, which is a nice bit of romantic frisson to turn us on. I mean Mars in Aries has been pretty combative recently-check out the state of the world right? So it's lovely to have Venus pulling the warrior god into some kind if sweet human connection, even if the square aspect means we have to do some work to keep our relationships on track. Some of us have been enjoying renewed passion with our beautiful lovers or sudden, synchronous new attractions this week-which ooh la la are more likely be kinda destinal & sparkly promising! But this is not just about romantic love -we are also falling in love with each other on a platonic/family/community level; again


Venus in Leo from Sept 7th-Oct 3rd this year. I was was doing detailed love/relating/creativity/money posts for Venus in each sign for a while there; but don't have time right now, and frankly in a bimbonic mood due to dystopia fatigue etc, so I thought I would do trashy dating posts instead lol. So if Leo Venus had a dating profile? Hot, imperious Queen temporarily without a worthy mate. Into living large, flamboyant self expression, being naturally brilliant at everything I do & the odd dramatic scene to keep life interesting. Frankly bored as fuq of lockdown, due to lack of attention so looking to have a fabulous time at home with someone deserving of my affections. Seeking someone just a


Full Moon in Pisces coming at us, exact 3.21pm Sept 2nd AEST. And to the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing recently, Pisces emo is pretty overwhelming & oceanic-especially with cosmic, mystic Neptune & electrifying Uranus involved! I mean we aint ducking the feels right now, we're diving right in and exploring our full capacity to embrace our wildest, true nature. There's no point faking it with this Moon, so might as well shine with our full, incandescent self expression... Including in our personal scenarios we are fully alive to whatever is going on, the better to explore the interpersonal vibe with exquisite, subtle sensitivity with our loved


September is here, as we begin to head into the home strait of the crazy trip that is 2020, and the scopes are up to keep an eye on how we're travelling. Some of the key astro themes right now are: Mars strong in Aries for the rest of the year, so the force is strong with our vitality, aggression, self assertion, ambitious wilful lust for life -but are we using it for good or evil hmmm? Especially in sync with bitch Lilith the ultimate macho warrior meets the fiercest female attitude-we are doing mutual respect/meeting of equals or watch out its pretty damn volatile! Lucky Jupiter direct mid month, to open up the most positive potential of the destruction/creation regenerative, transformati


LEO/LEO RISING So the New Moon of the 2nd in your 8th house of sex, intimacy & financial interdependence has you so aware of the deeper feelings & subtle dynamics going on in your closest entanglements. Because with spooky Neptune & caring Ceres involved it’s a fine line between the most magical, inspired, destinal soulmating true love or bonkers romantic fantasy/weird misunderstandings/delusional crushes etc. I mean as much as you are dealing with the extremes of super beautiful connection vs toxic fuqery, where you would think the choices are clear; still the lines are blurred with slippery Neptune. So good luck making definitive relational decisions right now lol, but luckily your emotion