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So the 14th is the annual Full Moon in your love sector AND it’s an Eclipse for extra potency, and even better is opposite love goddess Venus shining bright in your sign in a magnetic attraction/romantic tension vibe with Mars. It’s time to look cute, polish the bedroom vibe & open thy heart to good loving –it’s mating season baby!

If you’re already in love/connected it’s perfect time to enchant your partner anew, re-kindle the chemistry & bond more deeply. Especially with Jupiter confidence on sexy Pluto in your sex sector, you’re ready to expand your capacity for intimacy with courageous, game changing, powerful passion-yes! Also Mars in your biz sector is pulling your attention to career concerns, so don’t forget to sort the work/life balance & make time for your special someone in between workaholism etc huh?

And if single I hope your lockdown etc has eased by now, because it’s primo time to be out & about feeling gorgeous, with more than usual chance to attract someone who gets your vibe, with potential for genuine emotional compatibly. And ps Mars says the most likely place to enjoy some hot chemistry is in your professional life- so even if you’re still on zoom calls from home etc best ditch the trackies, shmick up the work wardrobe & get flirty…

Meanwhile Mars on magical Neptune in your biz sector -exact around the 14th in sync with clever Neptune in your income sector is brilliant for your professional success instincts. Mars would normally charge forward with the sheer force of your fierce work ethic, which is great & all but Neptune says it’s more about intoxicating the world with glam new branding for your biz, feeling into the subtleties of charming the right people/finessing sensitive work relationships & a meaningful sense of doing something you actually care about for a living. You could be manifesting some beautiful opportunities right now, the more you are tuned into a higher sense of purpose & connection in the world.

Also because the 21st is a New Moon Eclipse in your income sector bang on the Destiny Point in your sign, and syncing Mars/Neptune in your biz sector. Especially with Venus direct in your sign from the 25th, late June is perfect for aligning with your core brilliance, strutting around showing off just how fab you are & monetising your genius to make a good living doing your thing. Because with Venus blessing your sign till August you have plenty of time to embrace lush, dolce vita living just because it feels good to be you x

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