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So I think I mentioned last month that Venus in your hidden soul sector till August has you quite happy with your own company for a while, communing with your inner muse for a deeper source of creative & spiritual inspo to fill your cup. Which could have you dealing well with whatever lockdown etc is still going on wherever you are; to take the opportunity for reflective personal growth & loving relationship with self, meditation or whatever spiritual practice is your thing and maybe finesse the creative process/low-key make some brilliant art behind the scenes? Which you will be ready to go forth & show off your shiny new confidence & creative/self expression when Venus enters your sign from early Aug, so that’s something to look forward to…

Yes, but meanwhile you also have a spectacular Jupiter/Pluto thing in your love sector, to pull you out of your bubble & embrace big, powerful, sexy connection with your partner/lover/nearest & dearest. Close personal relationships really matter right now- because the chance to transform them with next level, authentic passion & emotional growth is just so promising. So striking the balance between personal space & making time for the people that matter is a thing this month.

Also the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your day job/health sector sparks your most brilliant instincts about how to operate in the world. You want to make good choices about effective wellbeing & work smart not hard; in order to earn a good living on your own terms and maintain a fulfilling lifestyle whilst funding the meaningful life you want to live. So again the balance between your inner life & material, worldly concerns is kind of important -especially juggling whatever lockdown is currently affecting your daily schedule & priorities?

Then the Cancer New Moon Eclipse of the 21st is bang on the Destiny Point in your soul sector- and activating Mars in your vision sector & about to fire up your professional sector from the 28th. In other words it’s time for maximum magical, instinctive connection with your powerful personal mojo. You know who you are and willing to walk your talk & live accordingly -it feels so good to be you!

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