So coming out of a Taurus New Moon (exact 12.25pm April 23rd, AEST), are we building a nice, fresh sense of how to align ourselves with some kind of healthy inner stability -what with the crazy, unpredictable times we are living through & all? New Moons are always a fresh perspective, and in Taurus it's usually around our physical wellbeing, comfort & material security. But it's bang on top of Uranus who couldn't care less about security & would much rather push us into fast paced evolution to keep us on our toes & embrace change- which is lucky I guess as change is certainly upon us right? And also square Saturn, which is about out relationship with authority, and our inner discipline to h


Libra Full Moon, exact 12.34pm April 8th, AEST to hopefully take the edge off the collective atmosphere with a bit of luvvy-duvvy sweetness. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month -and boy have we had a lot going on to be triggered by! Especially as Libra rules our relationship dynamics & desire for harmonious connection, at a time when social distancing etc has put an emphasis, and potential strain on our human interactions -thank you Saturn in Aquarius. I mean on the one hand some of us are wary of each other in public & unnecessary physical contact is frowned upon, and of course being stuck at home with or without our special people may be exace


So April is here and What the Actual Fuq right??? Actually because I always write the horoscopes in advance, I started April scopes before full overnight madness burst upon us; so because I did the first few signs in the context of relatively normal life -as I went along I kind of tried to keep the tone even whilst inevitably adding references to the strange times we are in...unfolding as we speak... And also the scopes are up late because you know, life has been weird & all. So the April scopes are finally up, and you can read more guidance for how your sign maintains a sense of normalcy/adapts/deals with times of change here. Meanwhile, a few thoughts on the collective astro this month: Pl


PISCES/PISCES RISNG Mars/Saturn in your secret soul sector from the 1st has you shutting down, looking within & doing due diligence on your inner spiritual discipline/yoga/personal development etc. So yes, you’re kind of digging the whole introvert thing going on right now. But also Jupiter/Pluto from the 1st has you busting to do exuberant socialising; to hook into the group zeitgeist that is transforming our collective consciousness, hopefully for the better from your- currently very optimistic- point of view. You really get that we are all in this together & can achieve great things if we lovingly co-operate, and that is a precious point of view that you are tuning into from within; the b


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So with Saturn/Pluto in your soul sector lately’ you’ve been doing so much inner work, retreating from the world with a disciplined eye to personal growth & shamanic self development. Ok it’s been hard work facing down your demons etc, but now you get how resilient you can be phoenixing through your issues on your own terms. One could say you’ve been the ultimate introvert & socially isolated for a while now sorting your shizz out… And the reward is Jupiter on Pluto from the April 1st -such a blast of positive affirmation from deep within your soul. You’re suddenly over the existential angst & open to a wonderful new sense of spiritual optimism that everything is, ac


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Well it’s weird & wonderful times, and you might like to know the most positive astro behind this is happening in your sign as follows: Your ruler, taskmaster Saturn has been in your sign for the last few years & honing that fierce, efficient, survivalist thing you do so well. So it’s been hard work, but you’ve presumably got your shizz together enough to be resourceful, pragmatic & ready to cope with whatever tricky crap is coming up. But enough of that –because the fab news is lucky Jupiter on Pluto from April 1st nudging Saturn out of the way; to upgrade to the most regenerative, empowering, full-tilt positive & expansive sense of new possibilities opening up be


SAGITTARUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Money on the brain much? I mean Saturn/Pluto in your income sector have had you stressing about financial realities for a while now; and as much as you’ve been valiantly pulling together your best fiscal discipline & entrepreneurial genius (well done you btw) –recent developments have triggered any survivalist, poverty fears coming up with Saturn/Pluto exact in late March? Yeah ok it’s been tough –you don’t like restrictive circumstances at the best of times, and on the one hand are the sign most likely to freak out when the going gets tough & you have to deal with tight budgeting etc to break your stride… aargh But on the other hand lets talk about your lucky r


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So Saturn putting the heavy moves on your ruler Pluto, in your ideas sector lately has had you thinking hard nosed & pragmatic about life decisions. Which ok has been tough, but then again you’re good at fierce realism- & gosh recent events have you glad to be braced, survivalist & ready for worst-case outcomes yeah? But Saturnine, cynical pessimism only goes so far. Especially with lucky Jupiter/Pluto nudging Saturn out of the way from April 1st, and you get that a bigger, expansive, positive outlook is calling your name on the other side of whatever existential crisis is going on right now. You’re fully awake to think big, outside the square & embrace the most hopefu


LIBRA/LIBRA RISNG With Saturn/Pluto drilling down on your personal sector lately, you’ve been digging deeper into any skeletons in the family closet, revealing power trips/discontent/explosive issues at home/rocky real estate scenarios; but also a keen, survivalist eye to nailing whatever domestic security is going to anchor you in these changing times. So it’s pretty great to have fear-mongering Saturn out if the way from late March, replaced by lucky Jupiter on Pluto from April 1st. You get that sudden upheaval in your personal life could be a positive thing, and ready to embrace regenerative, dynamic new possibilities re where/how you live and the loved ones you live with. Which brings us


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING So the Saturn/Pluto vibe in your talent sector lately has been some solid creative discipline to get your fabulousness on. And now with Saturn in your work /lifestyle sector its about to get real –how to pragmatically manifest the day job/gig etc that is going to serve your wellbeing for the next few years? I mean lucky you have Mars involved, so whatever strategies you come up with you have plenty of physical vitality & determined, fighting spirit to see it through-yes, don’t stop believing in yourself now whatever you do! Also because April 1st has Jupiter on Pluto in your talent sector to unleash such spectacularly positive, pro-active energy to transform as required, a


LEO/LEO RISING Oh my goodness how fab to have Saturn out of your work/health sector from April 1st. After the last few years of stressing about the day job, control freaky professional power trips, work/life balance & trying to keep your basic wellbeing together under duress; which has been magnified with the pressure cooker Pluto/Saturn conjunct lately-gosh it’s been a bit exhausting! So you’re loving Jupiter on Pluto from the 1st just as Saturn moves on, for a spectacular, fresh rush of physical vitality & inspired, empowering moves to expand day-job opportunities. The better to score the dynamic, rewarding work life balance that’s going to see you through challenging, changing times. Amaz


CANCER/CANCER RISING So Saturn/Pluto in your partnership sector lately have been a reality check, to clarify the rules of engagement in key relationships in your life –and April picks up this theme of love, personal entanglements & how you handle human connection in your life this month as follows: Saturn/Mars into your 8th house of sex, emotional intimacy & shared resources from April 1st. Mars is a rush of full throttle desire to address passion/love/conflict/exciting shared ventures/whatever’s going on with your closest peeps head on for the next few months. But also Saturn tends to be quite emotionally self-protective, and wants to temper the fireworks with clear boundaries & more sober,


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Omg we have to talk about Venus in Gemini from April 4th until August! This is a rare, extended visit from the goddess of love, art & beauty in your sign so it absolutely looks like your time to shine. You get to spend the next 4 months coming to terms with how gorgeous, talented, alluring & loving you can be in the world –yay, what’s not to love about being you right now? Also because the Full Moon of the 8th is in your playful sector of personal confidence, creativity & romance to get you going. Especially with Lilith & Chiron in your social sector, lending a bit more gravitas to your usual glittery charm. You allow yourself the vulnerability of expressing a more authe


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So Uranus in your sign has you vibing more libertarian & anti establishment than ever, you’re happily smashing your own dominant paradigm & embracing your most maverick, free-living instincts. Especially with Jupiter/Pluto perfecting in your vision/adventure sector April 1st, you get just how transformative & empowering it is to chase your wildest dreams right now, as opposed to settling into the proverbial comfort zone –which let’s face it is becoming kind of redundant anyway. So what to do about Mars firing up Saturn, the most conservative/stability loving planet fresh in your biz sector in early April? Uranus says fuq the system but Saturn/Mars says confident, savvy e


ARIES/ARIES RISING April kicks off with your ruling planet Mars on Saturn April 1st just as the most spectacularly lucrative Jupiter/Pluto action perfects in your biz sector –and it’s game on to hold your own & thrive in the world… I mean Pluto/Jupiter is just so goddamn positive & motivating; for next level success if you’re willing to transform beyond the comfort zone professionally, and Mars/Saturn is the discipline required to bring this powerful, positive ambition to actual fruition. Yes it’s all about hard work, but also the smarts to finesse the social networking scene to maximum advantage. Especially if any power trips/tough competition/control freaky fuqwits thwarting your brillianc