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Well Saturn fresh into your work/lifestyle/heath sector would have most signs cringing, at the thought of 2.5 years ahead of massive personal discipline to clean up your act –but do admit you love this!

You’ve purged the pantry of naff junk food &stocked up on superfood supplements/vitamins/fresh veggies, got the workout regime sorted (thank goodness outdoor exercise is still legal if lockdown etc is still on where you live?) and polished your work wardrobe/stationary supplies in your office/admin details/day job regimen/fierce work ethic to an inch of its life –and ready to come at it with that lean, mean efficiency you’re so famous for…

So on that note, how good is Venus lushing up your biz sector till August? You’ve got the next few months to show off your stunning talent, charm your way into whatever professional scenarios are on your radar with natural charisma, dress for success, polish your brand & generally manifest promising opportunities to thrive in the world.

I mean with Jupiter/Pluto powering up confidence in your creative/self expression sector –even with the madness of the word right now you are so ready to find your optimum niche in the scheme of things &shine with stunning authenticity no matter what-go you!

Meanwhile you have the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your home sector to feel into family dynamics/domestic harmony & close personal relationships generally. Because with Venus involved you’re feeling the love with beautiful people who support you to be the best you can be, or even tricky interpersonal issues can be sorted more easily than usual with a bit of caring, sharing mutual understanding.

I mean ok, also Mars/Neptune in your partnership sector this month is pretty weird. It’s super hot, passionate & meaningful with someone special, and if single flash crushes can rock your world-maybe in a good way? But Neptune can blur the boundaries at warp speed; with delusional mixed messages, misunderstandings & psychosexual drama if you’re not careful. So the importance of clear communication, healthy empathy and trying to understand the other person’s point of view rather than projecting random hopes, fears & expectations at each other is key…know what I mean?

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