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So June is here, and as if we needed it with everything else going on it's also Eclipse Season-aargh?

Eclipses bring a powerful magnification of the emotional/psychic/instinctive energies flowing through the lunar cycles of the month, which obviously means we feel it all WAY more intensely. Great, as if we needed that just as the world as we know it has gone batshit crazy! But of course this heightened intuition is exactly what we need right now, to manage the inevitable transformation we are going through in so many areas of our lives with as much intelligence as possible... If it's time to phoenix into something new ready or not, might as well keep it conscious & create something wonderful right? Ok its on:

So we have the Sag Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse of the 6th for hungry, restless feeling to go do our own thing unencumbered by anyone's expectations-it's all about personal freedom! But also a Venus/Mars square is calling our name with exquisitely tense, spooky, insistent romantic chemistry; so it's also mating season if we can handle the tricky vibe going on here, to reconcile our differences & be truly passionate with someone special.

Then the Cancer New Moon, Solar Eclipse of the 21st is emotionally sensitive as fuq -so trigger warning for sudden moods & tantrums! But also deeper feelings are being revealed & this is a good thing, with the Destiny Point guiding our relational dynamics in right direction with full emotional congruence & transparency.

Because Venus retro in Gemini & Mercury retro in Cancer this month open up a Pandora's Box of complex needs & communication glitches, that we maybe didn't deal with in the madness of recent months? And rather than freak out at each other in reactive mode, time to carefully untangle any messy emo, and do the work to find some kind of connection & mutual understanding moving forward...

And Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter are throbbing away in the background, to confront the structural change/chaos/destruction going on around us; and plug into our most positive, regenerative vitality to expand our horizons and embrace fabulous new opportunities to thrive.

Happy June & Eclipse season folks, and more detail for your sign in the horoscopes here x

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