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So you’ll be loving Saturn out of your work/lifestyle/health sector, to ease day job pressures & politics and maybe resolve any health problems that have been bugging you lately. Because now with Jupiter/Pluto for the next few months you’ll be feeling a spectacular capacity to regenerate your physical wellbeing, power up your brilliant professional motivation & phoenix into transformative new vitality; the better to seize the day & embrace the next level, meaningful life you want to live.

Especially with the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your natural habitat –the 5th house of talent/creativity & general showing off in the world-omg you love this! Extra-specially with Venus involved it’s all about playful, shiny self-expression, feeling glam, lust for life & being better than ever at what you do. This is Leo heaven right?

Also because Venus is in your social sector till August; so gosh you’re feeling the pull to be out & about, networking the hell out of your genius and bonding with your tribe in order to feel connected in the world. You’re such a magnificent, confident extrovert right now, so hopefully lockdown etc has eased for you by now, enough to embrace your magnificence & share it around…

Meanwhile you have interesting, competing astro for your relationships & love life:

1. Saturn in your partnership sector is all about mature, responsible relating, with clear notions of long term commitment on the table & healthy interpersonal boundaries to keep it real. But maybe just a tad too cynical, controlling & prescriptive about the rules of engagement?

2. Sexy Mars on spooky, soul mating Neptune in your intimacy sector is a call to wildly passionate love, flamboyant romantic gestures, obsessive bonkers crushes & losing yourself in the incandescent desire of whoever is turning you on right now-and to hell with the emotional consequences.

So yeah it’s tricky, but a great opportunity to strike the right balance between your big, magnificent lion-hearted loving & careful, intelligent, practical relationship skills huh?

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