August kicks off beautifully with a Leo New Moon, exact 1.11pm Aug 1st, AEST to fire us up with our most spunky, positive attitude for the month ahead: New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Leo it's all about brilliant confidence, radiant charisma & passionate emotional generosity with our loved ones, to be the best versions of ourselves we can be in the world. And this one has Venus all over it for extra romantic thrills, relational warmth, creative zeal, financial abundance, dolce vita living & all that delightful fun stuff we love...yes please. And also trine lucky Jupiter, about to turn direct from the 12th -so we could well be grabbing the tail of such a promising,


So after the crazy, transformative intensity of July Eclipse season; we're looking forward to the relative ease of August to gather our new improved selves & rise up singing... I mean the New moon of the 1st and Full Moon of the 15th are both Venus ruled, so we're feeling the love, romance, creative inspiration & biz/money savvy with such ease -and of course its Leo season so not afraid to broadcast our talent, gorgeousness & emotional generosity to our loved ones with full, brilliant confidence so that's nice. And importantly, lucky Jupiter direct from the 12th is just the blast of fresh confidence we need; to pick up the pieces of stalled plans & any wreckage from Eclipse season with renew


LEO/LEO RISING August begins the month with Venus & Mars in your sign; so you’re feeling cute, talented, irresistible & ready to rock even more gorgeous confidence in the world than usual. Look out world -baby you’re on fire! Which is the perfect attitude to bring to the Leo New Moon of the 1st, which reboots your incandescent brilliance IF you’re ready to step up to your full potential & follow through like you mean it?? And with sparky Uranus in your biz sector all over this Moon & lucky Jupiter retro in your talent sector; your professional life is throwing up all kinds of crazy, change-oriented scenarios; and it’s wildly promising to the extent you can jump on weird, fluxy new opportunit


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING August begins with the New Moon of the 1st in your spooky soul sector, setting the tone for a month full of strange synchronicities/karmic connections with certain people revealing themselves, the heightened intuition to see the spiritual growth behind all this and do due diligence on pattern recognition in your life… Especially with sparky Uranus upending whatever schemes you’ve been brewing in your vision sector lately, to force/inspire an upgrade to an even more authentic, big, brazen life plan. The self-awareness to recognise where you’re at so far, and how to do rapid evolution to adapt/move it forward according to sudden new developments in your situation? Absolutely


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So the New Moon of the 1st has you social butterflying your way into August, with that fab charisma, conversational brilliance & irresistible charm of yours. Could be party season out & about on the scene/bonding with your close knit tribe of besties/community & political awareness to get involved in the collective zeitgeist right now; and it’s all about connecting with like-minded peeps, where you inspire each other to shine & thrive in the world. How fun –you love this! And it’s also hooking into Uranus sparking up your sex/intimacy sector. There’s a restless, hungry feeling where you want to connect more authentically but you want space to do your own thing but you’re s


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So I don’t care how much Saturn playing around with your ruler Pluto has you tempted to succumb to self-doubt right now, August is all about you smashing your most magnificent confidence in the world & no excuses! You’ve got Venus in your biz sector to own just how vocationally talented you are-whether it’s showing off your creative brilliance/engaging interpersonal skills/sparkling charm to schmooze certain opportunities/looking good to knock em dead with your professional glam/polishing your brand to perfection-you’re so onto it. And Mars on board lends the fierce work ethic to follow through, which is exactly the kind of tough determination to thrive that turns you


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So your lucky ruler Jupiter in Sag this year is so beautifully expansive, and you’re on the cusp of all kinds of affirmative growth which you’re busting to bust a move on …which has made Jupiter retrograde since mid April particularly frustrating huh? A bit like driving toward your dream destination with the brakes on? You so know you’re on the right track & fab things are calling/unfolding, but yeah but no but when the fuq will the goddamn momentum pick up?? You’ll be thrilled to know that Jupiter moves forward from mid August, and finally picks up the pace for a smoother, accelerated path forward for the rest of the year. Yes plenty of instant gratification,


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So I’m guessing that with Pluto/Saturn building up to a conjunction in your sign for the rest of the year, you’re feeling a brewing, brooding sense of inevitable, empowering hard-yakka personal growth coming up? It’s kind of about the gritty work ethic to simply knuckle down & make your most imperative goals & material ambitions actually happen in the world. But really it’s the transformative process of addressing any crippling old self-doubt & flipping past stories about your own failures/inadequacy whatever into positive recognition of just how far you’ve come despite the obstacles. The better to remember your internal locus of power & get real about coming at an


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING The New Moon of the 1st kind of sets the tone for Aqua mating season, what with it being in your love/partnership sector on top of Venus & Mars doing their romantic attraction thing. You’ve got so much more chance of someone special loving you up beautifully, or if single working some particularly persuasive seductive wiles in the world to drum up some action.. Hmm who said Aquarius can be romantically detached, you’re one passionate, ardent lover this month & hot stuff to be involved with-who wouldn’t be into you right now? Especially by the Full Moon of the 15th smack bang on Venus in your love sector, and Mercury stimulating some lovely, emotionally intelligent di


PISCES/PISCES RISING It’s all about the Pisces career this month, and a wildly promising chance to hit your professional stride as follows: The New Moon of the 1st in your work sector is some kind of imperative to push forward, with a fresh perspective on the Pisces career. And happily, it’s not so much heavy professional pressures as Venus inspiring your best, key talent & how to work it vocationally with such an easy flair & confident, sparkly self-promotional buzz to move you forward… Especially with Mercury direct off the Destiny Point in your creative/self expression sector; you really are finessing your skill set, with an eye to the finer details of how to get even better than ever at


ARIES/ARIES RISING The New Moon of the 1st in your 5th house of play, romance, creativity & confident self-expression sets a pretty sweet tone for the month huh? August looks like fun! I mean with Venus involved you are so exquisitely sparkly, charming & connected with your tribe/family/lover etc for easy, quality time & dolce vita living with your loved ones. And also just so goddamn talented, artistically productive & ready for that shameless self-promotion you do so well, to strut your best stuff & thrive in the world. OMG especially with your boss Mars revving things up your natural lust for life is incandescent, for fully embracing the good times doing whatever it is most turns you on


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So the New Moon of the 1st is all about the Taurus domestic scenario, and a fab new perspective on the ideal home for your heart. I mean with luvvy Venus involved it could be family/co-hab relations you’re looking to harmonise, for a more fulfilling emotional sanctuary to come home to. And yes this includes romantic bliss -shacking up/finessing your existing domestic relationship with someone special could be a thing this month! And/or it could be as simple as the Venus imperative to beautify your home space; a bit of gorgeous interior design makeover/feng shui genius could go a long way to making you feel deliciously cosy in your home environment –which is so important


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING OMG do you guys love a chat or what? I mean at the best of times the Gemini communicative brilliance treats verbal repartee/shared ideas/gossip/intelligent dialogue/intellectual stimulation/us chats etc like oxygen –you really, truly thrive when you can fully verbalize every little thing! And happily, the New Moon of the 1st in your comms sector inspires al kinds of fab, stimulating banter to turn you on. Especially on top of Venus, your famous sparkly charm & conversational skills are so on point. So you’re all over any dialogues or negotiations coming up this month with your most incandescent, persuasive brilliance, which is handy. And yes this includes the Gemini love


CANCER/CANCER RISING So let’s face it, the extent you can be kind of financially motivated you love having lucky, abundant Jupiter in your day job sector this year. Because you are perfectly suited to work the big wealth consciousness of Jupiter with optimum biz savvy; being the sign least likely to succumb to the Jupiter undertow of impulsive, hare-brained schemes/dumb spending etc. Yeah you’ve never been a ditz financially, and not about to start now right? You’re pretty onto maximum earning potential right now… But to the extent you’ve been all fired up to put yourself out there & make good coin doing what you do; it’s been a bit frustrating having Jupiter retro for the last few months, a


Oh how I adore Leo season... let me count the ways... It's hot-blooded, passionate, courageous, self aware, emotionally generous with our loved ones, creatively incandescent & full of spunky, confident, brilliant swagger if we're prepared to walk our talk in life... Such gorgeous live & love large energy to fire us up -let's embrace the Rawr xxx


Eclipse season is happening, and the Full Moon in Capricorn (exact 7.38am July 17th, AEST) is a partial Eclipse to keep the momentum up: Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing lately, in and in Eclipse season they're going to be extra telling about our most authentic emotional needs/relational dynamics AND on top of primal Pluto for even more transformative coming to terms with our deepest emotional imperatives for empowered growth. Especially in disciplined Capricorn we aint mucking around -we're willing to do the work to own who we are, what we really, truly want & how to walk our talk on that with out best, gutsy emotional courage. Especially with Saturn


When Mercury stations retrograde in volatile storm phase in fiery Leo ON TOP OF hot-blooded Mars, and you're just busting to provoke some drama queen confronting/potentially sexy whatever conversation for a good time? Lol, be careful what you ask for- yes thrills & spills coming up at warp speed if we choose to lift the lid on certain combustable dialogues!!! I predict some super hot, passionate interactions exploding with creative, spunky -and ok maybe sexually loaded chemistry full of truly wonderful, authentic vitality. And yes this could be super promising IF we handle it with the emotional intelligence that Venus in Cancer is lending us right now. But I can also see certain tetchy, itch


So Saturn on the South Node of old karmic patterns this week, on the back of a Total Eclipse in emo Cancer can feel kinda heavy. And dealing with clients & dear friends today, it occurs to me that some of us are valiantly struggling with some particularly gnarly issues right now. The swamp of ancient, unresolved emotional shizz that (let's face it) most of us are carrying around might be threatening to suck us into the vortex of self-recrimination, regrets & scratching old wounds that the pain body has become somewhat addicted to? Yeah & Saturn could be giving us a hard time with the expectation that we should somehow be more on track/perfect than our human condition has allowed us to be so


A cute little sextle aspect between Venus & Mars for the next few days is vibing pretty smooth for our love lives folks... It's a lovely time to trust the flow if we're happily partnered/loved up, or playing with some attraction scenario -existing romantic dynamics are beautifully easy & auspicious under these stars. Because even if we've been struggling with any gnarly relational dynamics with the recent emo-triggering Eclipse, this is a lovely opportunity to ameliorate all that with some gentle mutual understanding -romantic/sexual healing is our thing right now! And if single & on the prowl, our flirty wiles are so on point-and better than average chances of meeting someone spooky special


Watch out, New Moon in Cancer exact 5.16am July 3rd AEST & it's aTotal Solar Eclipse coming at us ready or not! New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective on our lives; especially in Cancer is always gonna be particularly authentic feelings & emotional intelligence we're dealing with -and of course being such a full blown Eclipse the intensity of whatever's coming up is off the charts right? We basically own our true needs, desires & powerful instincts-in which case we're potent, passionate, self-aware, magically manifesting little motherfuqers, walking our talk in the world & living like we mean it. Which ok requires courage & could be challenging but also pretty fabulously awesome,