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August begins the month with Venus & Mars in your sign; so you’re feeling cute, talented, irresistible & ready to rock even more gorgeous confidence in the world than usual. Look out world -baby you’re on fire!

Which is the perfect attitude to bring to the Leo New Moon of the 1st, which reboots your incandescent brilliance IF you’re ready to step up to your full potential & follow through like you mean it??

And with sparky Uranus in your biz sector all over this Moon & lucky Jupiter retro in your talent sector; your professional life is throwing up all kinds of crazy, change-oriented scenarios; and it’s wildly promising to the extent you can jump on weird, fluxy new opportunities with alacrity huh?

Especially when Jupiter turns direct from the 12th, you get the confident moxy to pull together all the hard work you’ve been doing lately (thank you taskmaster Saturn grinding down on how to finesse skills in your current gig); and leverage that toward a brave new chapter in the Leo career… yes it’s the season to look sharp, successful & onto it.

Then the Full Moon of the 15th is a revealing look at the Leo love life. Key relationships open up to fresh dialogue for a nice, free flow of feelings; and with Venus/Mars involved ideally with that passionate, warm emotional/romantic generosity you do so well. Yes, it’s the season to love large!

Then Mars & Venus perfect their conjunction around the 24th, which is not only great for nice relationship connection but also in your income sector; so great for smooth, shmoozy financial negotiations to hustle good coin for whatever it is you’re looking at doing right now. Yes, if you play your cards right a positive, wealthy attitude could be your thing in late July –excellent.

Image: Hannah Saleh

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