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So the New Moon of the 1st has you social butterflying your way into August, with that fab charisma, conversational brilliance & irresistible charm of yours.

Could be party season out & about on the scene/bonding with your close knit tribe of besties/community & political awareness to get involved in the collective zeitgeist right now; and it’s all about connecting with like-minded peeps, where you inspire each other to shine & thrive in the world. How fun –you love this!

And it’s also hooking into Uranus sparking up your sex/intimacy sector. There’s a restless, hungry feeling where you want to connect more authentically but you want space to do your own thing but you’re so inspired by the possibility of some kind of wild chemistry with whoever turns you on… The trick is a hot partner in crime who gets who you are & lets you be you & vice versa… for an exciting love that also honours the healthy space between you, the better to move forward with maximum romantic thrills. Yes, and it’s more likely to have your number right now –how cool is that!

Or if not, you’re so happy to be doing your own thing for the moment; the better to enjoy being yourself in the world for a good time, sans any restrictive crap to bring you down. And the better to be ready to do love on your very own, healthy terms whenever it does present future wise huh?

Also because the Uranus attraction action hooks into a spooky Mars/Venus connection in your soul sector. It’s a chance to feel into the more subtle emotional cues, the better to maybe explore some kind of magical romantic chemistry …and maybe even a bit of a soul matey thing going on? And even if single whatever; this is brilliant for hermiting out (especially after such a hectic social month), and filling your cup with some beautiful spiritual/shamanic inspo & inner communion-the better to cultivate a more fulfilling, holistic relationship with self-so lovely.

Image: Jennifer Lawrence in Vivienne Westwood by Tim Walker

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