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August kicks off beautifully with a Leo New Moon, exact 1.11pm Aug 1st, AEST to fire us up with our most spunky, positive attitude for the month ahead:

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Leo it's all about brilliant confidence, radiant charisma & passionate emotional generosity with our loved ones, to be the best versions of ourselves we can be in the world.

And this one has Venus all over it for extra romantic thrills, relational warmth, creative zeal, financial abundance, dolce vita living & all that delightful fun stuff we love...yes please.

And also trine lucky Jupiter, about to turn direct from the 12th -so we could well be grabbing the tail of such a promising, positive new enterprise/opportunity/forward momentum in our lives; that has been teasing us for a while but now nearly ready to fully reveal itself?

And also square sparky, maverick Uranus -where ok we have to move with alacrity due to possibly radical new circumstances right now but gosh it's worth it, for the sheer buzz of rapid personal growth & seizing the day no matter what huh?

This Moon has swagger, lust for life & a woke, self-aware consciousness to fully turn us on -lets do this!

Happy Leo New Moon folks x

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