PISCES/PISCES RISING The New Moon of the 7th is ultra Pisces energy, being in your sign and bang on your spooky ruler, Neptune and all –so the force is strong with you right now: It’s an awakening of all your cosmic, magical sense of divine connection for exquisite spiritual growth, and rapturous, blissful connection in your personal relationships. Not to mention that thing you do so well-that nobody else knows how the fuq you pull off- of magically manifesting exactly what you need with perfect synchronicity (even under tricky circumstances)…exquisite alignment with divine flow is your thing! And ok, Neptune also exacerbates any dubious, slippery behaviour that you might want to watch: Snea


ARIES/ARIES RISING So with Uranus officially out of Aries, the roller coaster that has been your personal growth for the last several years is finally complete and you can compose yourself & breathe a sigh of relief –omg hallelujah! So life can now settle down to relative normality, right? Well yes kinda; but do admit that you are operating on a whole new, liberated level of personal freedom & self awareness than you were before Uranus started shaking you up seven years ago? So your new normal is upon you and there’s no regressing to tired old, past patterns now; which is fab and might as well embrace your revitalized potential in the world-you’ve earned it, baby. Because the New Moon of the


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Well it’s official, Uranus is in Taurus and you might as well strap in for several years ahead of faced paced, exciting personal growth and a liberated new life path to explore…ready or not, it’s on! Especially with Mars in your sign this month, you are energised by the most positive, libidinous, life affirming courage to seize the day and embrace your full potential in the world. Whatever turns you on is not only more important to you but also seems so much more achievable right now (yes) -you’re on fire baby so no point underestimating yourself at this point, huh? And might as well start with Venus lighting up your career sector in March. It’s your annual chance to shi


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Ok so Mars in your soul sector all month might be a tad frustrating, with so much nervous energy to burn and not so much having any external, obvious outlet for it? It’s kind of character building to pull your head in, contain that lovely, chatty exuberance of yours and focus your energy a bit more on the inner world/ relationship with self/aligning with your true hopes and dreams for a while –the better to magically manifest them with time… Also because Uranus is now officially shaking up your soul sector for the next several years –so might as well embrace the personal growth/ spiritual journey of self discovery coming up for you –it’s gonna be a trip and all kinds of


CANCER/CANCER RISING So a funny thing about you is on the one hand being such a canny, materially savvy, sharp operator in the world/money/biz et, but also such a deeply creative, kooky, trippy little dreamer… which is of course a brilliant combination. But also to the extent your moods and priorities appear to shift with the mysterious tides of the Moon; you’re quite an enigma & no one knows what the fuq you’re on about half the time, lol. Not that you’re fussed- you have a direct line to your muse and usually happy to follow your bang on instincts wherever they’re leading you, right? And I only mention this because the New Moon of the 7th is such a wildly expansive life perspective burstin


LEO/LEO RISING Mating season alert little lover! March begins with Venus into your love sector, for 2 months ahead of lovely romantic connection with your lover/partner/crush –or if single statistically more likely to meet someone gorgeous to turn you on… ooh la la this is such a lovely time to explore your seductive potential & feel loved up in your life… Extra especially with the highly Neptunian New Moon of the 7th in your sex/intimacy sector. And Neptune inspo can swing between: 1. the most exquisite, rarefied, magical true love & rapturous intimacy that a deeply romantic soul like you adores! And maybe your actual soul mate knocking in your door/bonding more deeply than ever etc. Yep it


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING So the New Moon of the 7th in your partnership sector is so damn magical & Neptunian! Which of course s perfect inspiration to embrace your most ultra idealistic, highly tuned instincts in love – extra rapturous soul mating with your lover much? Or perhaps spooky synchronicity to meet someone strangely alluring, under weirdly destinal circumstances? Yes the force may well be with you here, to connect with that exquisite subtlety you do so well? But of course Neptune loving can also trigger any delusional crap/bonkers chemistry/second guessing crazy mixed messages (especially with Mercury retro involved) that can really do your sensitive little head in! I would normally iss


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So the New Moon of the 7th pulls your focus toward the Libra day job/work/lifestyle paradigm for the month –but gosh it’s a tricky one to figure out! Neptune is all over this one with your most truly inspired, destinal sense of your true vocational calling: Which could totally throw up magical synchronicity to manifest your clearest career intentions with some perfect opportunity in the world! Oh yes, especially with Venus in your talent sector you’re so goddam brilliant at what you do; so the force is with you if you keep your aspirations in line with your core competency and keep it high end & positively motivated right? Gosh you could be reaching for the stars if you pl


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So the New Moon of the 7th is so Neptunian, which stimulates your spooky, mystical antennae beautifully. This is glorious permission to play with your wildest creative/visionary inspiration; just for the life-affirming fun of flexing your creative potential in the world, and perhaps a chance to magically manifest whatever turns you on right now, through the sheer power of focused Scorpio intention? Because the thing about Neptune is that if you keep it high end, clear and attuned to some kind of spiritual integrity it can be so divine, and align you with the perfect opportunities to express & enjoy your true self in the world. Amazing! And the better to avoid succumbin


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Well wouldn’t you know it, just as Jupiter in Sag has you flying high scheming, dreaming & chasing up your wildest, most expansive life plans… and craving the unencumbered freedom to launch yourself into the great unknown at any given moment? Here comes the New Moon of the 7th to dissolve any certainties around your home base big time, and maybe pushing you out of your domestic/familial/emotional comfort zone, ready or not. The better to be available for visionary new possibilities of course …um be careful what you wish for right now, it might just be coming at you fast! So yeah, with mystical Neptune dominating here the rewards of navigating this highly fluxy/


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING If you feel a brooding, gathering internal tension building up right now? A kind of pressure cooker, obsessive awareness of every challenging goal you’re still trying valiantly to nail, every obligation/debt you feel responsible for, every tedious task on that laborious to-do list of yours? And busting to find some kind of release valve? Yep that’s Saturn inching towards Pluto, to reveal which of the expectations you have placed upon yourself have become frankly obsolete, pointless and ready to be ditched –what a relief. And which ambitions are, actually, seriously still important and the powerful moxy to overcome your fears and nail them once and for all; for fab,


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Lucky you have Venus into your sign from March 2nd, because the name of the game is abundance right now, and Venus is just the trick to creatively manifest your wealth with the sheer brilliance of your personal confidence in the world. Especially showing off your best talent, just because it feels so good to do what you’re good at and figure out how to monetise it effectively? Which is where the cracker, Neptunian New Moon of the 7th in your income sector comes in handy. This is such high end, visionary intuition about how to do whatever truly inspires you for a living. And the more you keep your intentions clear, and walking your talk on this with maximum integrity,


So March is exciting, game changing & woke as fuq -but are we ready for this or what? We have Mars in Taurus to renew our kinaesthetic, lively, delicious connection with our physical vitality/dynamic health & wellbeing and fabulous, raw sexuality; for a good time and positive, life affirming attitude to everything! This is great for our healthy relationship with ourselves/our bodies, and our relationship with our loved ones -especially our gorgeous lovers. And our material/financial scenarios could benefit from a healthy ambition, to rev up our prosperity and abundance potential for sure. And also, so importantly-our healthy relationship wth this beautiful earth that we call our home. Eco aw


Image: Catrin Weiz Virgo Full Moon vibes are pretty highly strung, actually. Full Moons are always a rising up of all the emotions we've been dealing with in the last month -and in this case exacerbates all that Virgo nervous energy, as we try to tackle & problem solve every little thing with typical Virgo perfectionism...aargh overwhelm much? So our medicine here is the beautiful Virgo capacity for a discerning, discriminating eye to what really matters vs the million details we simply can't control at this point... Emotional intelligence, keeping our intentions clear and the basic self care to look after our emotional/physical wellbeing (they're so connected right now!) is gold. The better


Image; Daniela Pestova for Vogue Italia So I'm a bit late in posting about the Venus transit through Capricorn (Feb 5th-March 2nd) -busy bee GypsyQueen has been overwhelmed with work/life pressures, in true Venus Capricorn style ha. But what better time to bring it up than Venus in Cap meeting Capricorn boss Saturn this week, exact Feb 18th? This is where we really get our head around the classy discipline, personal fortitude and polished, worldly pragmatism and glamour of this particular astro passage: Venus is about what we value, and in Capricorn we for sure value ambitiously climbing toward our most important goals with a solid, persevering work ethic. Venus rules our most innate, magnif


Aquarius New Moon yesterday, to awaken our most potent, accelerated magical manifestation techniques for the rest of the month: I mean New Moons are always an inspiring new emotional perspective, and Aquarius energy is pretty sparky & radically inventive/maverick at the best of times right? So if we are feeling ourselves being lured outside our comfort zone right now, with the promise of something fresh, weirdly promising & ok, slightly tangential? Yes, life is evolving fast for all of us, and we best keep up because the rewards of embracing intelligent change, and the personal growth that come with it are potentially so damn good with this Moon... And notice I said intelligent change- not s