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Ok so Mars in your soul sector all month might be a tad frustrating, with so much nervous energy to burn and not so much having any external, obvious outlet for it? It’s kind of character building to pull your head in, contain that lovely, chatty exuberance of yours and focus your energy a bit more on the inner world/ relationship with self/aligning with your true hopes and dreams for a while –the better to magically manifest them with time…

Also because Uranus is now officially shaking up your soul sector for the next several years –so might as well embrace the personal growth/ spiritual journey of self discovery coming up for you –it’s gonna be a trip and all kinds of inspiring!

Especially with Venus in your adventure sector this month, it’s a sweet time to feel good about your broadest, most brazen and visionary aspirations in the world -because they’re calling your name for sure.

And to that end, the New Moon of the 7th is a sparkly, beautiful clue about how to harness whatever vocational/life plan instincts are turning you on right now. To the extent you get excited about the Gemini career prospects in early March, you might want to watch the details/finesse the fine print with Mercury retro scrambling the plan till late March. Because by the time Venus hits your biz sector from the 27th you will be ready to strut your best talent, shmoozy charm, professional glamour and confidence for a most successful run of career progress in April…

Especially because Mars charging into Gemini from April 1st restores your vivacious moxy, with a blast of raw energy to propel you forward for 6 weeks of determination to thrive and dynamic self expression in the world. Not to mention firing up your sexy seductive confidence- especially with lucky Jupiter in your love sector- to chase up whoever you desire with possibly more romantic success than usual? So that’s something to look forward to huh?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 21st is a nice chance to prepare for all this by having some easy, positive, life affirming fun with love, loved ones, family etc and shameless, show pony creative expression…let your hair down & enjoy this one, it’s good for the soul!

Image: via Malibuart gallery-unable to find original source for this lovely image.

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