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Well it’s official, Uranus is in Taurus and you might as well strap in for several years ahead of faced paced, exciting personal growth and a liberated new life path to explore…ready or not, it’s on!

Especially with Mars in your sign this month, you are energised by the most positive, libidinous, life affirming courage to seize the day and embrace your full potential in the world. Whatever turns you on is not only more important to you but also seems so much more achievable right now (yes) -you’re on fire baby so no point underestimating yourself at this point, huh?

And might as well start with Venus lighting up your career sector in March. It’s your annual chance to shine in the world! You get to bring your key talent to the fore and show off what you’re really good at. So you’ve got the goods and also the professional charm, networking skills, glamour (maybe time to schmick the work wardrobe), shameless self promotion instincts (maybe time to polish your ‘brand’)? And, most important, the moxy to choose something that you truly love to do, and focus on that to fill your cup vocationally.

Especially by the Full Moon of the 21st in your work sector; Uranus is totally on your case to figure out the most rut-busting, innovative version of doing your thing in the world. Whether it’s tweaking your current gig to serve you better, a whole new opportunity to take a calculated risk on or a fresh lifestyle/health/wellbeing regime to keep you thriving & light on your toes? Yes things are moving swiftly right now honey, so best keep up and keep evolving for best results…

And the Mars/Venus action of this Full Moon helps to address any tensions, or timely opportunities in your professional relationships; to get the whole collaborative or workplace politics thing right? And maybe… a hot little attraction on the job, if you’re up for that kind of thing?

Because love? It’s kind of go chase your dreams (soul path) and the right lover (soul mate) will turn up with weird synchronicity, or figure out how to best support you if they’re already on the scene. Because Jupiter in your intimacy sector says it’s all about expanding your horizons & evolving together with mutual confidence, right?

Image: via the loomgeneration, unable to find original source for this fabulous picture.

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