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So a funny thing about you is on the one hand being such a canny, materially savvy, sharp operator in the world/money/biz et, but also such a deeply creative, kooky, trippy little dreamer… which is of course a brilliant combination. But also to the extent your moods and priorities appear to shift with the mysterious tides of the Moon; you’re quite an enigma & no one knows what the fuq you’re on about half the time, lol. Not that you’re fussed- you have a direct line to your muse and usually happy to follow your bang on instincts wherever they’re leading you, right?

And I only mention this because the New Moon of the 7th is such a wildly expansive life perspective bursting upon your consciousness; to awaken your most visionary schemes & dreams big time! Magical Neptune in your adventure sector is quite a trip –and especially with Mercury retrograde here you could be wondering whether you are entertaining pure genius, endlessly promising plans or ludicrous hare brained schemes that just aint gonna cut it in the real world?

Well probably the former, but still some very necessary tweaks to finesse the details this month; chances are it will all seem clearer and more do-able by the time Mercury moves direct in early April –so let’s put off any decisive action till then, huh?

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of the 21st has the roller coaster of Uranus shaking up your career sector for the last several years finally done; replaced by the healing rays of Chiron to settle into a more emotionally healthy version of your optimum work/life balance-which you’ve been seeking all this time. Yes, and especially with lucky Jupiter in your work/lifestyle sector, you’re all about living free on your own terms; and I tell you what in sync with lucrative Pluto & shmoozy Venus so much more likely to successfully hustle the shared resources/family support/biz deals to finance your dream lifestyle if you play your cards right…

And Venus also revs up your va-va voom allure in your sex/intimacy sector-especially in sync with Mars by the 21st. If already hooked up, this deepens the Saturn/Pluto conversation going on about long term commitment in your partnership sector-you could totally be falling in love all over again! And if single –OMG get out amongst it, Mars says your next hot lover could be lurking on your social scene as we speak!

Image: via freepeople, unable to find original source for this image

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