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So with Uranus officially out of Aries, the roller coaster that has been your personal growth for the last several years is finally complete and you can compose yourself & breathe a sigh of relief –omg hallelujah!

So life can now settle down to relative normality, right? Well yes kinda; but do admit that you are operating on a whole new, liberated level of personal freedom & self awareness than you were before Uranus started shaking you up seven years ago? So your new normal is upon you and there’s no regressing to tired old, past patterns now; which is fab and might as well embrace your revitalized potential in the world-you’ve earned it, baby.

Because the New Moon of the 7th is a nice little check in to make sure you’ve fully drained the swamp of any clammy old self-sabotage crap; and I bet you have, or ready to, being the spiritual warrior you are and especially with the healer Chiron on your case to, you know, clean up your act. Good, the better to tune into the clarity of divine/creative/emotional inspiration of early March –your intuition about whatever truly matters right now is a beautiful thing!

Especially with Saturn/Pluto in your biz sector syncing with you ruler, Mars in your earning sector by mid March. This is an amazing, fiercely effective, savvy and determined attitude on your part; to transform your current career paradigm into whatever really turns you on and that much more assertive about scoring the coin you deserve for doing what you do. And ok, with Uranus now in your earning sector it may not be a steady income as such –more a flexible, innovative attitude to money that allows the kind of personal/vocational freedom that you now expect from life…

Then the Full Moon of the 21st is a great opportunity to come at your love life with maximum emotional authenticity. Because with Chiron bang on this Moon you can’t help but reveal yourself in full, powerful vulnerability with your lover/partner-and they’re more likely to respond in kind, or at least get where you’re coming from for beautiful connection & romantic healing? Or if single, perhaps an attraction that turns you on precisely because you feel you can really be yourself with this person? Or even the dynamics of a tricky relationship of dry spell are easier to navigate now, because you’re not scared to own your feelings & do the healing work whatever the outcome –well done you!

Image: Zhang Jingna photography

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