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The New Moon of the 7th is ultra Pisces energy, being in your sign and bang on your spooky ruler, Neptune and all –so the force is strong with you right now:

It’s an awakening of all your cosmic, magical sense of divine connection for exquisite spiritual growth, and rapturous, blissful connection in your personal relationships. Not to mention that thing you do so well-that nobody else knows how the fuq you pull off- of magically manifesting exactly what you need with perfect synchronicity (even under tricky circumstances)…exquisite alignment with divine flow is your thing!

And ok, Neptune also exacerbates any dubious, slippery behaviour that you might want to watch: Sneaking around avoiding your own feelings-especially via addiction /escapist tendencies, or trying to hustle your way out of emotional accountability with certain people? Could get real messy at warp speed so not so much, obviously.

Especially with Mercury retro in Pisces, you get to recognise and clean up any dodgy thinking or communication you might be tempted to indulge right now. Because Uranus inspires such a sparkly, crystal clear, game changing attitude to light your way for the next several years! This is especially brilliant for clearing out whatever old paradigms/belief systems have become limiting for your growth, and attracting the cool new peeps/dialogues/situations that come with this fab, fresh perspective…

The better to make the most of the Full Moon of the 21st in your intimacy sector. This is an opportunity to clock how much the key relational dynamics/loved ones’ behaviour in your life reflect your own emotional state, with perfect clarity. With the wounded healer Chiron involved; it’s a case of heal thyself/heal thy relationships; and any work you’re doing to feel into your connections more authentically is profoundly healing/revealing for your own emotional growth. Obvious but true right?

Then Venus into Pisces from the 27th brings all your romantic spunk, and general gorgeousness, charm, talent & positive self-expression in the world (especially with lucky Jupiter in your vocational sector) -for a most successful April coming up…

Image: Koray Birand for Vogue Spain

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