CANCER/CANCER RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: But first, it’s worth noting that with Mars lingering in your sex/intimacy sector so long this year; you are presumably more revved up, emotionally energised and invested in the deeper connections in your life than usual right now. Or maybe just more driven by a hyper-stimulated libido than usual, lol, and on the prowl for a bit of passion to turn you on? So personal relationships matter! Which makes Mars retrograde until late August particularly frustrating –as in just when you’re looking to connect more intensely you suddenly find you are in fact untangling some gnarly relationship issue instead,


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: Its kind of all about your ruling planet Mercury, retrograde for the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th in your Mercury ruled communication/ideas sector. On the one hand this New Moon has your kaleidoscopic mind entertaining so many fab new concepts, schemes and promising, stimulating dialogues –which you love, and keen to hurry up and explore! On the other hand Mercury retro is classic crossed wires, techno glitches, rapidly changing plans and scrambled communication; so you might want to slow down and problem solve with more chilled out patience than you would normally care for… Just think of it as


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: But meanwhile, how are you going with Mars retrograde in and out of your career sector right now? I mean with such a lengthy Mars transit energising your vocational aspirations this year, you are no doubt pretty motivated to get ahead and nail it (which is fabulous and yes you can!); but also that much more frustrated with this month’s retro slowing things down a little? Lucky you are the most supremely patient sign of all and more than capable of utilizing this temporary lull to advantageously tweak the biz plan, do the background work and come out shining & ready to go when Mars picks up speed by


ARIES/ARIES RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: But first a note that whilst your ruling planet Mars lingering for ages in your social sector has you all invested in group dynamics and you know, what other people think of you; the retrograde this month might be cramping your style and feeling temporarily, uncharacteristically awkward? But fear not, Mars forward in September restores your networking moxy and back on the scene in all your glory before you know it. Also because the partial Solar Eclipse of August 11th renews your sparkly self-confidence beautifully. And in the best way, which is all about tuning into your unique core talent, immersing


PISCES/PISCES RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: But first we have to come to terms with the fact that, with Mars retrograde in your inner, soul sector, this month may not be predominantly geared toward external events or circumstances. Observing your internal landscape for the purpose of non-judgemental self-reflection, communing with your muse, regenerative solo time, gathering your energy, yoga/meditation/spiritual practice etc is likely to be far more energising than charging around looking to assert your will in the world, for the moment. Which is perfect preparation for the Pisces Full Moon of the 26th just as Mars moves forward, where you g


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: But first of all a reminder that even though Mars in Aquarius from May-November is an epic 6 month period of sexy, energised self improvement this year; this month he just happens to be wonking retro in and out of your sign -so you might fear that your powers are temporarily waning? Not so, it’s just that you are vastly more powerful right now lurking in the background, quietly scheming & finessing your next move than charging forward on some random impulse or forcing the issue with anyone. You are ideally quiet, self-contained and fiercely focused for best results in August. Especially if you a


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: The partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th is a potent new look at your sex/intimacy/money sector mid month. Maybe you have a moment of clarity with your lover, to connect on a deeper level for a lovely new, mutual understanding? Maybe the thrill of a hot encounter with someone you’ve been crushing on-to explore the potential between you? Maybe you’re single and an unexpected (maybe karmic) meeting with someone fascinating piques your interest? And also your brilliant core competency in financial/biz arrangements is ready to rock here; where shared resources, contractual commitments, debt/tax/inves


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: The Partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th couldn’t be closer to your heart; on Sag home turf in your adventure sector and activating your ruling planet Jupiter direct in your vision sector. So your wildling, free-range soul is craving unencumbered freedom with a fierce, energising lust for life mid month -and the Destiny Point is able to focus what would otherwise be scatty, restless energy toward identifying, and chasing a particular dream that really means something to you. I mean ok, with Mercury retro involved and Pluto/Saturn retro in your earnings sector, the reality is that you still ne


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING August is defined by two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine as follows- but first we need to talk about Jupiter in Scorpio: Because to the extent there are lots of planets retrograde this month which might be slowing down certain areas of life; with lucky Jupiter in your sign moving forward you are SO full of positive, confident determination to thrive that you just know you can slay any obstacles no matter what-yes you can! Because the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th is about excellent, fresh new professional/work schemes to turn you on. I mean with clever Mercury retrograde involved you are ideally taking the time to finesse the details and hustling any tri


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING August is defined by two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine as follows- but first we need to talk about your ruling goddess Venus in your sign from the Aug 8th –Sept 10th: This is your annual chance to come to terms with your own desirability. You polish your look & shmick up the glamour factor, the better to strut around feeling gorgeous. And you claim your fab talent, the better to relish the rewarding creative process and maybe show off with some shameless self-promotion in the world? And if love is on your mind, your romantic allure is super-duper powerful this month don’t you know-why not flirt it up a little? And really any relationships in your life benefit


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: The partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th is in your soul sector; a spooky new connection to the source of your divine inspiration-whether it’s a spiritual practice, yoga/meditation, magical shamanic work, communing with your creative muse, simply the powerful practise of unconditional love for yourself and others-whatever fills your cup. And of course it all begins with conscious withdrawal from outer stimuli mid month, emotional self-enquiry and looking within… yes? Which is better than nursing a sooky reaction to Mars retrograde out of your work sector mid-month, and frustration about any temporary lac


LEO/LEO RISING Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows: The Leo New Moon of the 11th is not only in Leo, but also a partial Solar Eclipse to really fire up your moxy and clarify your most powerful, fresh new intentions to set your course for the coming 12 months. This is awesome! And with Mercury on this Moon square expansive Jupiter, your intentions and plans are even bigger, bolder and more brazen than ever! But of course the trick is to channel all that bravado toward manifesting your big picture, visionary schemes in the real world by finessing the actual details with a bit of pragmatic nous: Which is where the Full Moon of the 26th comes in. It’s in your


Full Moon in Aquarius coming up, exact 6.20am July 28th AEST, and it's a Total Lunar Eclipse to bring eclipse season home, baby, and really rock our world! There is so much going on here: Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings we've been bottling up lately; and in the supremely cerebral sign of Aquarius we've been bottling up heaps-as we try valiantly to make intellectual sense of our emotional life and rise above it all with some kind of higher meaning (good), but maybe at the expense of actually feeling it in our actual, emotional bodies (possibly not so healthy?). And of course with such a powerful, rare eclipse our feelings are so bang on intuitive & exquisitely, magical


Image: Cristian Girotto With Venus now in cool-cat Virgo until Aug 8th, we're all about elegant personal discipline, discriminating good taste, intelligence and earthy, pragmatic efficiency in romance, love, beauty and art: And when it comes to love, in Virgo it all begins with respect. We respect our own choices in romance, take responsibility for who we've chosen to love (our standards are pretty high!) and take personal responsibility for maintaining the highest possible standard of romantic conduct within our relationships. Because we respect our lover enough to treat them well, and also respect their emotional boundaries enough not to try to force or manipulate them into whatever behavi


The Gypsy Queen Tarot Oracle app, coming soon, has specific answers & clear guidance for all your questions... good bad and ugly; through the many travails of the human condition we aim to be accurate! But meanwhile, the universal truth is that at the end of the day it all boils down to Love! Living with love, giving and receiving love and embracing life with a beautifully unconditional open heart right? With the Moon/Venus connection today -reminding us all to stay connected with our loved ones, here's to the bravehearts who remain courageously loving in these weird times we live in x Love you all, and we're all going to get there eventually, for sure xxx


New Moon in Cancer coming up -1.47pm July 13th AEST, and it's powerfully inspiring in so many ways: It's a partial Solar Eclipse, and the first of 3 Eclipses in a row to initiate the transformative Eclipse Season we are now entering. And to the extent that New Moons are always about fresh emotional perspective and Cancer being the most emotional congruent sign of all; the Eclipse factor massively amplifies just how essential it is to listen to our gut-level Cancerian instincts, with all their pertinent & inescapable wisdom right now. No matter what's going on in our lives this week- any given scenario or decision either FEELS right or it FEELS off -deep down in our emotional bones. And the m


Seriously, Jupiter retrograde for the last four months has been such a drag right? The lucky planet of adventure, expansion and fearless forward motion is supposed to be actually leading us forward, after all, not lurking around sneaking backwards and yanking our biggest hopes and dreams back with him! Especially for us Saggi, Jupiter ruled types it's been tedious beyond belief... arrgh. But of course it's not been holding us back, really. As much as we've been chafing at the bit; it's been a constructive chance to hold our horses and actually finesse the plan that much more, with character building patience and prepare to put our best foot forward when Jupiter does get moving -which would b


It's such an interesting job to be tuning into people's destinies every day -privileged to be privy to the magical and often confounding process of this human condition we all share. Some readings lay out a person's future like a goddamn book; every detail arranged in perfect chronological order and so possible to rattle off beautifully accurate predictions, because it is so clearly pre-destined and Lady Luck has everything in hand (and of course easier to deliver if the projected outcomes are happy and 'good'). Or, where there are key decisions for the client to make & it's all hanging on free will; there are clear paths ahead as an outcome of any given choice so very possible to give clear


Image: the wonderful Alexandra Vaneti So July is Eclipse season to download some shiny new inspiration, tune into our most powerful instincts and light our way forward... and the July horoscopes are up to help us on our way x


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So July is Eclipse season, and lucky for you a chance to focus all that restless energy of Uranus in your soul sector into some forward motion in the world… The partial Solar Eclipse of the 13th is a New Moon in your income sector, with lucrative Pluto in your biz/financial entanglements sector to really motivate your moneymaking mojo. This could be brilliant for financial negotiations, if you keep the game plan coherent and resist any temptation to fall for sleazy power trips of course. And especially with lucky Jupiter forward in your day-job sector right on this Moon; it’s all about nailing how to make your current gig serve you best-in terms of job satisfaction and o