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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

But first, it’s worth noting that with Mars lingering in your sex/intimacy sector so long this year; you are presumably more revved up, emotionally energised and invested in the deeper connections in your life than usual right now. Or maybe just more driven by a hyper-stimulated libido than usual, lol, and on the prowl for a bit of passion to turn you on?

So personal relationships matter! Which makes Mars retrograde until late August particularly frustrating –as in just when you’re looking to connect more intensely you suddenly find you are in fact untangling some gnarly relationship issue instead, and having to do some actual work to cultivate healthier personal dynamics in your life (and to be honest this could effect biz/financial entanglements just as much as intimate ones).

So maybe not so much instant gratification but fear not, because 1. You are a natural at the emotional subtleties involved here, so totally got this. And 2. Mars forward for the grand earth trine of late August rewards you with clearer, more grounded and satisfying interpersonal dynamics than ever –so good!

Meanwhile the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th is brilliant for holding your own in the world with unflappable self-assurance –and specifically in your income sector. With the Destiny Point involved & lucky Jupiter in your creative sector it’s bound to be something with a real sense of meaningful vocational purpose that you’re scheming, and revealing how to hustle some decent coin from doing something that genuinely turns you on. And quite possibly a collaborative venture, so keep an eye on Mercury retro for finessing any biz negotiations here, to be clarified that much more by the time Mercury moves forward from late August.

Then the Full Moon of the 28th opens up even more gorgeous, visionary inspo for your broadest, big picture life planning. You are full of wanderlust in the best sense –of expansive, positive thinking to live large on your own terms, supported yet not restricted by your healthiest support systems, as the rest of the year rolls on. Go you-this looks like fun!

Image: Eirini Dalla

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