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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

But first we have to come to terms with the fact that, with Mars retrograde in your inner, soul sector, this month may not be predominantly geared toward external events or circumstances. Observing your internal landscape for the purpose of non-judgemental self-reflection, communing with your muse, regenerative solo time, gathering your energy, yoga/meditation/spiritual practice etc is likely to be far more energising than charging around looking to assert your will in the world, for the moment.

Which is perfect preparation for the Pisces Full Moon of the 26th just as Mars moves forward, where you get to express your emotional truth in the world with exactly the kind of self-awareness that you have been cultivating all month. And with a grand earth trine across your communication/social/love sectors, you have the peace of mind of expressing yourself with beautiful authenticity with all your peeps –the better to enjoy more rewarding relationships grounded in honesty, genuine feelings and mutual respect. What a beautiful reward for all the personal growth you’ve been doing lately, huh?

And Venus in your sex/intimacy sector adds a nice romantic angle to this –especially with a square to Pluto revealing ever deeper, more passionate feelings with your lover. Or more intense, magnetic sexual tensions-maybe with someone promising- if you’re out on the prowl?

Meanwhile, the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th in your work sector could be some clever manoeuvring on your part, to align the day job reality that much closer to your true calling. You have lucky, expansive Jupiter in your vision sector and the Destiny Point involved to follow your dreams fearlessly, and Mercury nearly out of retrograde to finesse any tricky professional logistics or biz negotiations with that exquisite subtlety of yours. You may not be able to force certain outcomes-but you can totally nudge them along by staying sharp and also in fully conscious, magical manifestation mode-oh yes you are ready to thrive mid month!

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