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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

But meanwhile, how are you going with Mars retrograde in and out of your career sector right now? I mean with such a lengthy Mars transit energising your vocational aspirations this year, you are no doubt pretty motivated to get ahead and nail it (which is fabulous and yes you can!); but also that much more frustrated with this month’s retro slowing things down a little?

Lucky you are the most supremely patient sign of all and more than capable of utilizing this temporary lull to advantageously tweak the biz plan, do the background work and come out shining & ready to go when Mars picks up speed by mid September right?

And even by the Full Moon of the 26th Mars is getting ready to move, with Uranus retro in Taurus shaking up your brilliant personal potential and hooking into a fab grand earth trine; with the Venus in your work sector/the Sun in your self-expression sector rocking your confidence in your own excellent talent and Saturn providing the creative discipline to harness it with that inimitable, steady determination of yours to achieve real, successful results long term –you love this!

Meanwhile, the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th has Mercury wonking out but nearly direct; a great opportunity to untangle any weird family/domestic/co-hab dialogues in your life, for a lovely fresh perspective. It looks like a happy home comes from clearer communication with your tribe this month-and only getting better from the 19th onwards so stick with the process huh? Or maybe you have some real estate deal you’re trying to finesse? Again -after the 19th is optimal for any cool new property related decisions.

And how cool that this domestic Moon is also hooking into lucky Jupiter in your love sector! So if you’re looking at shacking up with someone special, brewing fresh, expansive new intentions with your current partner –or if single maybe even meet some promising contender; mid month could be just the thing to feel the love, trust the process and move forward together with beautiful ease…

Image: FAUXTALE by Toree Arntz

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