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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

Its kind of all about your ruling planet Mercury, retrograde for the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th in your Mercury ruled communication/ideas sector. On the one hand this New Moon has your kaleidoscopic mind entertaining so many fab new concepts, schemes and promising, stimulating dialogues –which you love, and keen to hurry up and explore! On the other hand Mercury retro is classic crossed wires, techno glitches, rapidly changing plans and scrambled communication; so you might want to slow down and problem solve with more chilled out patience than you would normally care for…

Just think of it as an opportunity to engage your excellent critical thinking faculties and attention to detail- it’s ok to question everything, re-evaluate priorities and rejig the details as you go mid month- the better to move forward as coherently as possible when Mercury goes direct from the 20th onwards huh?

Meanwhile, you have Mars retro temporarily joining Saturn retrograde in your sex/intimacy sector from the 14th for a quick, energising check up to see how you’re going with the deeper/more intense entanglements around you. Because with Saturn hooking into a grand earth trine across your personal sectors this month, you have the emotional discipline to genuinely commit to real, grounded, authentic relationship dynamics in your life. So ok, whilst it requires a certain maturity to keep it real- the reward is that get to enjoy more fulfilling connections so totally worth it!

And how nice is Venus in your romance sector, to add the sparkly levity and playful lightness of touch to actually enjoy the process of finessing your love life right now? Whether you are exploring delightful new facets within your existing relationship or flirting it up with someone promising –yes you need to mean it, but it’s also supposed to be fun!

And then the Full Moon of the 27th is nicely focusing all that pragmatic earth energy toward a special vocational goal-maybe something you’ve been instinctively brewing a for a while? And with lucky Jupiter in your work sector egging you on -maybe late month is the perfect time to pick up some momentum with this huh?

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