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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

But first a note that whilst your ruling planet Mars lingering for ages in your social sector has you all invested in group dynamics and you know, what other people think of you; the retrograde this month might be cramping your style and feeling temporarily, uncharacteristically awkward? But fear not, Mars forward in September restores your networking moxy and back on the scene in all your glory before you know it.

Also because the partial Solar Eclipse of August 11th renews your sparkly self-confidence beautifully. And in the best way, which is all about tuning into your unique core talent, immersing yourself in the creative process (especially with the Destiny Point revealing your most promising, future-orientated sense of purpose and Mercury nearly direct to carefully, perfectly finesse the fine details); you’re too busy doing your own thing with such brilliant flair that you’re not worried about who even notices or whatever –you love this!

And of course this is exactly the kind of focused intention that gets results. With a grand earth trine brewing across your income, day-job and biz success sectors; what better time to drill down on your career plans, problem solve and innovate where needs be and get ready to shine, as you become steadily better at whatever it is you do? Yes, by the Full Moon of the 26th you are happily aligned with your vocational soul path and banging away steadily toward making it happen in it’s own sweet time –how satisfying!

And also, how about Venus in your love sector, lucky Jupiter in your sex/intimacy sector this month and the Destiny Point sharpening your flirty, romantic instincts with such clarity? It feels like Lady Luck is revealing your most promising love affairs/seduction opportunities/bonding with your partner/whatever turns you on and it all unfolds with the sweetest ease… No need to force this one, if love is meant to be this month it’s meant to feel beautifully natural huh?

Image; Thierry Mugler

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