Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact 1.19am May 30th AEST; and it's a restless, hungry feeling & yearning for fresh pastures we're dealing with here: Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings are at the emotional forefront for the month-and in Sag we come to terms with our wildest, most freedom loving instincts. We become acutely aware of whatever limiting scenarios have been cramping our style lately, and with a keen eye on the nearest escape route, I can tell you! How fabulous, and what a relief... Of course we want to keep it high end by taking a beautiful, positive risk on seizing only the most positive, promising outcomes in our lives -because the Destiny Point is involved, so


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So Saturn retrograde in your sign (until September) could be a teensy bit frustrating but really, it’s only drilling down on the personal discipline regime you’re already so damn good at. Maybe think of the next 3 months as a kind of character building, personal growth exercise where you polish your integrity/talent/goals/efficiency/look/brand/charm/whatever to a level of shiny excellence that amazes even your high standards-and that’s got to be a turn on right? Because how about Mars energising your income sector until November! Not to mention Uranus unearthing your most brilliant, unique skills and confidence to rock them in the world. Yes, all this self-improvem


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So how are you going with electrifying Uranus blasting into Taurus recently? Just so you know, Uranus only visits each sign once every 72 years –so this is a rare, kinda once in a lifetime opportunity to positively revolutionise, innovate and expand your sense of well, everything: There are all kinds of wildly unexpected developments coming up for you, and as much as you’ll need to be much more flexible and drop your tendency (lets face it) to certain fixed/habitual patterns in your life; this is fabulously character building and baby- the next seven years could be one of the most exciting, liberating, game changing phases of your whole life-how wonderful! And right now,


ARIES/ARIES RISING Given the fact that your ruling planet, Mars generally spends only 2 months at a time in each sign as he travels around the zodiac; it’s kind of significant when he occasionally slows down and spends 6 whole months in one place-and from now until November it’s happening in your social sector. You are ready to be so much more energised by the company of other people-and time to really connect with your tribe! So a bit of social butterflying around the scene could be fun, and the sheer force of your sparkly charisma is bound to attract lots of attention from the right people-whether it’s for a good time connecting with your crew, fab social networking opportunities or even s


PISCES/PISCES RISING So if Mars in your soul sector has you drilling down on the inner Pisces landscape? You could be increasingly drawn to some personal development work/yoga/spiritual practice/shamanic magic/or just good old fashioned retreat and regenerative, solo down time with yourself –and yes, any if the above could be the best way to charge your batteries and energise your mojo right now. Which kind of makes the New Moon of June 14th, in your domestic sector on point-where you are finessing the home base as your best source of inspiration mid month. Whether it’s jushing up your décor/physical environment as a nurturing sanctuary, or refreshing your family/partnership/co-hab dynamics


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Well Jupiter retrograde in your biz sector might be a tad frustrating, what with so many magnificent, promising professional schemes & dreams brewing –but perhaps not quite ready to charge forward until mid July. But do you use this as an excuse to mope or bunk off? God no, are you kidding! With Mars energising your sign for the next 6 whole months you’re so on fire, driven and primed for success it’s ridiculous… What Mars does is charge our batteries, stoke our primal life force and lust for life-not to mention our sexy libido, activate our determined work ethic to make stuff happen and permission to claim our right to be unapologetic success machines. Ok, and aggra


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So if Jupiter dithering retrograde in your soul sector has you tempted to indulge in a bit of existential self-doubt, or ennui about what the hell you’re even doing with your life? Well ok a bit of inner work/spiritual practice to clarify your intentions right now could be constructive, but no you don’t get lost in naval gazing –you’re too busy focusing your energy on the beautifully clarity coming up when Jupiter moves forward from mid July… honest, not long to go until you feel back in the flow again! Meanwhile you have plenty to keep you occupied this month: -The New Moon of the 14th in your love sector. It’s one of those romantic re-boots, with a sweet chan


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING A big turn on for you this month is Venus meeting the Destiny Point in your biz sector around the 19th; with some truly brilliant professional opportunities/long term plans presenting themselves for your consideration. And it is geared toward long-term, future success and vocational growth, more than instant gratification for the moment: Which makes it easier to handle the frustration of lucky Jupiter in your sign revving up your confidence but also dithering around retrograde until mid July; aargh the exquisite thrill of so many fabulous, expansive, promising scenarios at your fingertips –but not quite ready to be acted on just yet? Cultivating your best scheming/drea


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Between Uranus shaking up your shared resources/money sector for ages, and Jupiter retrograde in your income sector until late July… it might be pause to reflect how you are doing with the Libra financials right now? You could be wildly inspired to generate some massively promising new wealth scenarios-with a combo of your own positive attitude and truly innovative collaborations with the right people in your life. Especially with Mars energising your self-expression sector for a whole 6 months ahead –this could be prime tine to monetise your beautiful talent; by getting the world to notice with the shameless self-promotion your creative brilliance absolutely deserves. Oh


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Well if you’re feeling all restless with Uranus shaking up your adventure sector; and so busy dreaming up big picture plans for your future that you are uncharacteristically scatty on the immediate attention span? Well first of all don’t forget you have several years ahead of wanderlust -and plenty of time to bust a move on any big travel, relocation or new fangled lifestyle scenarios, so it’s fine to pace yourself: Because meanwhile, the New Moon of the 14th is all about focusing this innovative zeal on re-visioning the Virgo career. Could be a fresh motivation to finesse your current biz/work situation, or maybe even a promising new gig to consider? Either way you want a


LEO/LEO RISING So chances are you are still getting your head around Uranus shaking up your biz sector and settling in for several years ahead of re-visioning the wider vocational plan. Especially Venus meeting the Destiny Point in Leo around the 19th-for some truly genius inspiration about your personal brilliance in the world and future plans: You might be suddenly sparking off a million genius new schemes and dreams –and wildly excited about the potential opportunities opening up in front of you? Or you might be all over the shop, wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life/overwhelmed by some professional instability and just how much of that you can’t fully control? Or all of th


CANCER/CANCER RISING So with Uranus settling in for the long haul in your social/networking sector; perhaps you are beginning to sense a new dynamic within your tribe, how you might like to position yourself in the world, a new scene drawing you in or perhaps some new friendships/kindred spirits incoming to open your mind and rock your world? And based on that you are looking forward to Jupiter moving forward in your self-expression sector from mid July, for a lovely fresh confidence to shine in your new/updated milieu –you could be about to social butterfly your way forward in the loveliest way! Although meanwhile, it must be said the New Moon of the 14th is a much more internal focus –tuni


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So to the extent you are entertaining any suddenly crystal clear, instinctive new inspiration rising up from sparky Uranus recently into your soul sector; but what with Mars shaking down your adventure sector you’re so skittish restless you don’t quite know what to do with it? How about the cute little moment of insight around June 7th, with Mercury & the Sun in your sign in sync with visionary Neptune in your biz sector and lucky Jupiter in your day-job sector, where you’re all excited about opening up various vocational opportunities; which helps to clarify your intentions of early June nicely in the professional realm. With especially fab results coming up by the time


Well it's been fun and all butterflying around with the playful mental agility of Gemini Venus lately; and now we have Venus in Cancer until mid-June, where we get to tune into our instinctive, creatrix, emotional intelligence a little bit more. In love, beauty and art we are all about our intuitive faculties now... Venus rules love, and in Cancer we remember that we really care. And I don't mean the intense, high stakes passion of, say, Scorpio. I mean that we aren't scared to own our own our emotional investment in whatever relationships are important in our lives; and cultivate a genuine bonding/commitment sans games or whatever. Yes Cancer energy can hesitate, and scuttle crab-like sidew


Well it' been a long time coming but the Gypsy Queen Tarot Oracle app is on it's way! It's taken 3 years of writing the extensive content and endless design and software dev, what a trip but we're nearly there... People there are over 3000 possible answers logged into this baby, with endless combinations possible for a variety of specific questions -it's all about the most accurate and insightful tarot readings you can get online. Keep an eye out for updates over the coming month or so as we near our launch date; free downloads for android and ios coming soon-check it out x


So how is everyone going with this Taurus New Moon energy, and Uranus busting up our comfort zones all over the place? It's a wild ride: I mean ok we are shaking off tons of old attachments and security issues that may have been holding us back for a while now; and yes we absolutely treat ourselves with profound compassion and cultivate patience with this process of deep transformation that could be shaking us to the core. The seeds of new life possibilities coming up now have several years to sprout into fully fledged outcomes, so kind of take it easy- no rush. But also we are ideally not dwelling on the limiting old stories about our lives currently falling apart around us; we are too bus


Taurus New Moon coming up, exact 9.48pm AEST May 15th -and it's a total game changer to rock our world! So New Moons are always a fresh new emotional perspective. And even though Taurus energy is usually quite fixed in it's habits and desires-and usually only embraces change at a comfortably glacial pace; what we have here is a bunch of rocking astro influences that unexpectedly blow everything we thought we knew right out of the water. And get ready, it could be moving fast: We have Uranus into Taurus, to suddenly shake us completely out of our comfort zone. Our material lives/security and money issues/habitual patterns etc are ready to be wildly re-invented. And whatever crazy, liberating


Whenever one of the outer planets-the major astrological players -switches signs, we are looking at a bit of an new era. And now, from the New Moon of May 15th we have revolutionary, maverick Uranus busting into Taurus to shake up the fundamentals of our material lives for the next seven whole years! Taurus rules the steady, fixed, aspects of our physical lives that don't tend to change often or where we fiercely resist change. You know -our security issues around money & assets, domestic stability, steady relationships, the regular habits, routines and pleasures we've become accustomed to -anything that represents our comfort zone basically. But Uranus rules the liberating effect of sudden,

MARS in AQUARIUS has got our NUMBER!

Image: Danny Cardozo Andrea Marcaccini Elle Man Mexico june 2013 Mars generally spends around 2 months at a time revving up each sign as he travels around the zodiac, so when he lingers longer in one place it is highly energising for that particular sign-and this year it's an epic 6 whole months in Aquarius! So the New Moon of mid May has Aqua ruler Uranus switching signs into Taurus, for a big new 7 year phase of grounding our visionary genius in the material world; just as Mars jumps into Aquarius from May 17th-mid November. Oh yeah; maverick, inventive, liberating, forward thinking Aqua energy is rising up big time right now: Image: Brandon Flowers And ok, it is kinda weird. I mean Mars i


Image: John Galliano's armour for Christian Dior ARIES/ARIES RISING So Uranus shaking up your sign for the last seven years has been quite a trip! It’s been like a once in a lifetime opportunity for rapid, radical personal growth to rock your world -whether or not you thought you were ready for it, right? And now that it’s finally getting out of your hair from mid May-you might be reflecting on how much you have grown in recent years: Maybe you feel freer of some illusions, gloriously liberated, clear as a bell and ready to seize the day with some sparkly new intentions for the future? Or maybe you feel like you’ve just stepped off some crazy, endless roller coaster wondering WTF was all tha