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Given the fact that your ruling planet, Mars generally spends only 2 months at a time in each sign as he travels around the zodiac; it’s kind of significant when he occasionally slows down and spends 6 whole months in one place-and from now until November it’s happening in your social sector. You are ready to be so much more energised by the company of other people-and time to really connect with your tribe!

So a bit of social butterflying around the scene could be fun, and the sheer force of your sparkly charisma is bound to attract lots of attention from the right people-whether it’s for a good time connecting with your crew, fab social networking opportunities or even sexy chemistry with some cool contenders-if you’re out and about on the prowl? And of course you discover who has your back right now-and some dear friendships could be cemented (even if they’re tested along the way), or new ones begin this year; and you really appreciate the solid mutual support and loyalty of your true besties.

Especially around the New Moon of the 14th, your communication/networking skills are genius, and a great time to enjoy connecting with like-minded souls.

And perhaps a wider sense of community involvement/social & political awareness is coming up for you –to explore your place in the world and most positive role in our collective dynamic right now-this could be so rewarding!

Then Venus meeting the Destiny Point around the 19th is especially auspicious for romancing someone special in your life, should you be feeling it -could even be a bit of soul-mating potential in the air, if you’re ready for that? And also brilliant progress on some key creative process you’re working on and/or a big opportunity to show off your talent with some actual, effective shameless self-promotion in the world-yes it could be time!

And by the Full Moon of the 28th you get a sign about how to work all this into much bigger vocational success-yes there will be elbow grease and long-term commitment involved, but so worth the effort if you’re willing to put in the work…

Image: Lucia Jonova by Anja Frers for Quality Magazine 2012

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