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Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact 1.19am May 30th AEST; and it's a restless, hungry feeling & yearning for fresh pastures we're dealing with here:

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings are at the emotional forefront for the month-and in Sag we come to terms with our wildest, most freedom loving instincts.

We become acutely aware of whatever limiting scenarios have been cramping our style lately, and with a keen eye on the nearest escape route, I can tell you! How fabulous, and what a relief...

Of course we want to keep it high end by taking a beautiful, positive risk on seizing only the most positive, promising outcomes in our lives -because the Destiny Point is involved, so whatever choices and directions we are aligning ourselves with right now are bound to be spookily influential as we move forward; so lets keep it visionary and intentional huh?

We want to feel the wind in our hair, embrace our broadest horizons in terms of life plans and express ourselves with maximum emotional courage in our relationships. Yay, go howl at the Moon and have fun with it, little wildlings. Happy full Moon x

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